Just deleted a massive rant. To be honest it probably would have been more entertaining for you guys than the post your going to get but after it’s cathartic effect I felt this space would be better served as memorial to my favourite club of the last 2 years, rather than coming off like a bitter relative at the will reading.

I am of course talking about Cardiff Arts Institute, which sadly passed away in all but name last week with a completete interior overhaul and the departure of both 580 limited and Something Creatives (including me). You can read the offical press release here.

Outside in the CAI garden, a friend of mine once overheard a girl saying “How is he a Kaptin? He hasn’t even got a ship.” to which my friend replied, “This is his ship.” I think that probably sums up best how I felt about the place.

Although the temptation to reminisce in detail is great, it would take far too long to begin to try and recount all my favourite times spent there, besides which many of those memories are pretty hazy at best. The venue gave me the opportunity to bring some of my very favourite bands and DJs to Cardiff and enjoy them with the best crowd that it’s ever been my pleasure to know. For me, the atmosphere in there was second to none and it really added to the feeling that the whole city was buzzing with activity.

I never wanted to just run events in a club, for me it was always about nurturing the soul of the city, and I know the people I worked closely with felt the same. It is a massvie loss for me and I think fair to say, Cardiff as a whole, however I refuse to be doom and gloom about things. The people that made the venue what it is are still here: South Wales’ many talented DJs, bands, producers, etc that came to play; the artists who painted and exhibited here; the various promoters and organisers we worked with and the amazing people that came to socialise, work and party at CAI haven’t yet dissapeared. So regardless of anything, Cardiff is still my favourite city on the planet and I look forwards to whatever comes next. I know that I will continue to work with Something Creatives to make things happen around here, we’ve got plenty of ideas  and we’re always open to new ones.  Get in touch.

For now though, here’s a few videos that highlight some of my favourite nights at Cardiff Arts Institute, I will probably post up a selection of photos seperately later. If you’ve got any that I might not have seen, or any stories about the place then hit me up!

Few more videos up on the YouTube channel.

and finally…


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