Fabric Of Insobriety

One bonus of not having to work at the weekends at the moment is I get to check out other clubs for a change, this weekend it was Fabric. Not that I haven’t been there plenty of times before but with the variations in line ups the experience is always guaranteed to be different. The line up for this one was immense and exactly the kind of DJs I want to be seeing right now. Of course nights don’t always work out how you intend and we somehow managed to catch only 3 full sets and the end of Lone, but to be honest that was satisfying enough.

Drift into FABRICLIVE 59: Four Tet from Fabric London on Vimeo.

We got to the club just in time for Four Tet, who was launching his Fabriclive mix. However anyone who was expecting anything similar to the mix itself was either sorely disappointed or in my case, pleasantly surprised. 3 separate groups of people we got chatting to said exactly the same thing to us, “We’re just waiting for Four-Tet to come on, “ not realising he had been playing all along. One person and one group left after we let them know, the others were just embarrassed at not having realised before. They could perhaps be forgiven though as I wouldn’t have expected him to play Donaeo’s ‘Riot Music’ or Double 99 ‘RIP Groove’, but I was glad he did, as it seems were the majority of the crowd in there. Perhaps my favourite moment was somehow managing to mix from Burial ‘Street Halo’ into a Garage version of ‘The Boy Is Mine’ by Brandy and making it work, I’m not sure even I would have had the balls to do that. Conroy Smith ‘Dangerous’ and Coki ‘Burnin’somewhere near the end (not together) were also winners for me.

He did sneak in a couple of his own tunes still, albeit new ones. Both ‘Pyramid’ and ‘ Locked’ off the new Fabriclive mix found their way in there. It kind of felt like he’d decided, ‘it’s my party and I’ll play what I want to’. Certainly can’t blame him for that, especially as he smashed it.

Next up was a live set from Canadian producer Jacques Greene (alongside friend and collaborator Ango). It was good and even had moments of greatness in there, especially with the tracks that required an epic build, but ultimately it didn’t quite hit the spot for me, I’d definitely still recommend his music though. Thankfully over in Hessle Audio’s takeover of Room 2, Pangaea’s set after Lone managed to smack me exactly square in the centre of my spot with a fairly relentless journey from ravey Junglistic breaks to rumbling minimal Dubstep. It was dark and aggressive but also brilliant, and it finished the night off perfectly. If the MC hadn’t run out of things to say by that point and insist on repeating the same shit all over the set it would have been damn near perfect.

It’s kind of a shame we missed people like Pearson Sound, Caribou, Lunice and Ben UFO but the only real shame was managing to miss the bus home and missing DJ Jaffa’s Wedding (in fact I’ve still not made it home yet). I’m truly gutted that I couldn’t be there and so would like anyone who knows him to bombard him with congratulations. If you don’t know Jaffa then you are missing out on one of our city’s legendary DJs (and I’m not just saying that cos I feel bad), who’s history I shall one day recount in this blog no doubt. Until then here’s his recent birthday mix of some of his all time favourites, all live in one take.

Check out his Podomatic for full tracklisting, download options and more mixes.

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