A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

I’ve been lucky enough to stay down the road from Kew Gardens for the past couple of nights so decided to carry on my well meaning but often sporadic habit of morning running expeditions over there. Turns out that you’re not actually allowed to run round Kew Gardens, luckily didn’t find this out til Day 2 but it kinda put a block on my plan. Still did have a great look round the gardens, absolutely amazing, but before I get all Percy Thrower on you, perhaps the most striking part for me was an exhibition by top photographer Mark Edwards. He’s used the words of Bob Dylan’s ‘Hard Rain’ as a base from which to explore man’s ‘headlong collision with nature’.

Mark uses both his own photography and that of friends to translate the lines of the song into visual images. The images are moving, powerful and beautiful in their composition and colour (not all or black and white and not all are grim). They are often also disturbing, at times shocking and extremely thought provoking. So much so that I couldn’t begin to take in the rest of the exhibition, ‘What’ll You Do Now’, which seeks to provide or inspire solutions for the issues raised. Thankfully there is a book which incorporates all elements of the exhibition with plenty of contacts, etc too. Definitely suggest picking up a copy if you give a shit about the world around you, or perhaps feel that you should at least. It’s called ‘Hard Rain’ and is out on ‘Still Pictures, Moving Words’. You can also find more info at www.hardrainproject.com

For those who don’t know or can’t remember the song.

Apparently Bob Dylan wrote each line as the start of a song he didn’t think the world would wait for him to write.

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