Silence First

I’ve never been the biggest sports fan, at least not since Boxing went pay-per view, Ice Hockey featured less on TV and I stopped thinking I was Michael Jordan.  I do occasionally however get caught up in a game, tournament or even a whole season of Rugby, Football, Cricket, etc. Nowadays it’s extremely rare, partly due to having better things to do with my time but every now and then I can;t help but follow a game on Twitter or Facebook.  The commentaries are varied and passionate, not watered down by licensing laws.  You miss out on the boring bits of the game and only catch truly tweet worthy occurrences, plus surely it falls within the rules of reading versus watching.  The book is always better than the film.

Of course this is not actually a rule that travels across every medium.  You can’t really get the build up of excitement from Twitter or marvel over the nuances of player skill from a Facebook update. Plus if you thought advert breaks were intrusive, several revelations that Jenny Foo Foo has eaten a packet of Quavers or General Blud has a new Grime Mixtape out can certainly distract from the game itself.

You could never really read a music video (perhaps a treatment of one) so this doesn’t really fit into what I just wrote at all but the vision which High Contrast has created for his own track here, takes it far beyond my expectations or any direct images I conjured up on listening and creates a whole stunning new experience. My hater chip was twitching at a Tiesto collaboration after first hearing about the tune, plus I balked a little at Underworld too after having to stand through their boring Glade set a couple of years ago.  But has to be said, full props all round this is a winner.  The last video to hit me like this (and there are a few similarities it has to be said) was the vid for Cee Lo’s Band Of Horses cover ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’ . Plus this has a cameo from the Astroid Boys (as well as footage from one of their gigs) and Simon who runs the Catapult Records store in Cardiff, whom 5 people so far have mistaken for me after watching this!

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