It’s Halloween So Go Wild For The Night

It’s Halloween time, a night that I traditionally associate with throwing eggs as a child so bit gutted I can’t be at the egg fight that’s taking place at Cardiff Museum around 7pm. I know a lot of people complain about egg throwing and to promote such behaviour might seem irresponsible but I kind of look at it the same way as the Tomato throwing in Buñol or Orange throwing in Ivrea, in fact if people didn’t grow out of the tradition it would probably seem a lot less anti-social.

Anyway, if you do plan on going out tonight and causing some mischief then I can think of no better soundtrack than this new release from my good friend Stagga. It’s been a fair while coming out but it finally drops today along with ‘Be The Generals’ and a bunch of killer remixes from Robot Koch, Doshy, Dev79 and DNAEBeats. It was Stagga that first got me into Juke and you can hear the influence in this, it’s a great blend of styles and definitely one of my favourite releases from him (alongside Genik Riddim and Sick As Sin, if you’re not yet aware of his stuff then they’re a perfect place to start).

I however shall possibly not be getting ‘Wild For The Night’ after getting a little too wild yesterday at the Lock Tavern in Camden. Was a great day / night but Sunday afternoon drinking is a dangerous thing and I remember little after my set except a vague recollection of getting thrown out of some poor kids Bar Mitzvah, how we ended up there is anyone’s guess though. I do however remember a great set from Illbilly Hitech and Longfingah who were over from Berlin, if you get the chance they’re definitely worth checking out. It was Stagga who first introduced me to their stuff too actually as he did a remix for them a while ago whilst he was living in Berlin.

As there’s a tenuous Berlin link going on here here’s another tune from my amigo RQM alongside Son Of Kick, who I never hear that much about but is a dope producer. This one’s out on Muti Music which I believe is run by An-ten-nae, it certainly fits well with his ‘Acid Crunk’ stuff anyway.

By the way the dope Halloween pic is courtesy of my mate Droneboy, who also does some pretty bad ass T Shirts over at Droneboy Laundry.

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