Bristol Rover

Forgot how much I loved going out in Bristol til this weekend. Ended up at various contrasting events but all helped me to remember why it’s easily one of my favourite cities and despite it’s relatively small size, one of the best for art and music.

Started off in Bristol Academy after travelling over from Spar Warz in Cardiff (dope one on one marker pen art battle). Wiz Khalifa was playing alongside Yelawolf, both not massively on my radar but I’ve always liked the things I’ve heard. Despite: being bundled out of a fire exit by the bouncers over a misunderstanding (they thankfully let me back in but no hint of an apology); easily being the oldest people in the venue; and not actually being able to see much more than the top of Wiz’s fro, it was a pretty decent gig. Definitely have to go back and check some of the earlier mixtapes. Here’s a great little Reggae mash up of ‘Black & Yellow’ that I’ve played out a few times.

Next up after a brief stop in Start The Bus was the Gunpowder Plot II in Motion for Matt The Hat’s Birthday. A fantastic sold out event put together by George Smerin with some of his (and my) favourite festival type folk. It was the first time I’d really seen bands in the main room and have to say I think it works alot better.

I unfortunately missed Smerin’s Anti Social Club but both Babyhead and Gentleman’s Dub Club smashed it as always, whilst elsewhere there were some great sets from the likes of Parker, Dutty Moonshine and Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues. This was easily one of the best crowds in Bristol for it’s size and again it was only the ever absent common sense of a few security guards that let it down a little (if climbing on shoulders is banned cos it’s dangerous, it really makes no sense to grab people and yank them off, surely this makes it even more dangerous). Plus they fireworks display was most impressive, as befits the name of the night.

plus check out the latest mix from DJ Parker, you can find the tracklisting and plenty of other tracks, free downloads (including the infamous ‘Where’s My Monkey’) over at his soundcloud.

I somehow managed to be lured away from Motion to head back to a friend’s house but along the way (the other way) ended up at Blue Mountain Club. We unfortunately missed Heatwave who are fast making a name for themselves as a true champion Reggae sound, thankfully Sticky played a beastly set just after, with the most rewinds I’ve heard in a long time. Also bumped into DJ ID who later sent me over a killer tune he’s done with Baobinga and Rubi Dan (who was MCing for Sticky), I look forwards to being able to post that up at some point. In the mean time have a listen to their new Disco House release on Futureboogie under the aliases of Behling & Simpson. I’ve been loving this one too, definitly worth a purchase.

After some classics from Fireman Sam we left to go home once more but were sidetracked again, this time by a squat party on Stokes Croft. We didn’t stay for too long but there were people just leaving when we went past about 11am the next day so I’m guessing it was a good one… ah Brizzle me baba, you’re a beauty.

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