Twit? Who?

Today is all about owls.  I’m not quite sure why but it started when the Mishka blog posted up this video:

Real cute right?  Well it suddenly struck me then that I would really like to have an owl.  I’ve always wanted a raven or eagle or some kind of bird.  Perhaps it’s a side effect of having a name like Kaptin, feeling the necessity to have a bird sitting on your shoulder like a Pirate’s parrot.  However this has just been a flight of fancy til now (honestly no pun intended when I just typed that), I think the owl is a must.

Especially seeing as there were 3 other random owl pictures on blogs I check!  This is a definite first. I’m not subscribed to the RSS feed of the RSPB or anything like that.  I think it definitely points to a feathered companion for the future.

Don’t worry though I won’t rush out and get one now, even though somebody did post a link on my Facebook page earlier for a tame owl that needed a home.  I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t be providing the best home for them at the moment. In fact, does anyone know what are the best homes for them (other than trees of course, I am talking already tame here)?  If I get one, I definitely want to make sure it’s properly looked after.  Apparently after Harry Potter loads of kids wanted them as pets and it became a problem but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just the cuteness of that first owl in the video that swayed me on this… we shall see!

To top it off I originally intended just to post up a heavy music video that I’ve been bumping hard the past couple of days.  It’s that classic UK Hip-hop sound which got over copied and killed off by mediocre shots to the belly some time ago but which absolutely smashes it once again with this group.  All are artists on the High Focus label, possibly my second favourite British Hip-hop label after Associated Minds.  Something of a UK super group, they consist of Leaf Dog + BVA (from the 3 Amigos), Fliptrix and Verb T.  In fact I got so caught up in them as individuals MCs I completely forgot the name of the group as a whole til I just went to bump it again!

How strange is that! I definitely pronounce this National Owl Day… actually, I’ve just been given one more owl coincidence for the day. Before I DJ later in Buffalo Bar, I was planning to go and check out a night called Candela. They’ve got one of my favourite producers of the moment there, Opolopo and singer Amalia doing a live set. It’s a special celebration as the bar which they do the nights is having their 3rd Birthday. The bar in question being Gwdihŵ, or if you translate it from the Welsh… Owl. I reckon it could well be a good night there!

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2 Responses to Twit? Who?

  1. Kaptin,

    You need a pretty big avery if you want to keep a bird of prey, especially an owl. I met Ian McGuire recently, an owl conservationist from Bath. He tries to discourage people from getting owls as pets, despite having two of his own. You should speak to him really, check out his facebook page ‘Wild Owl Educational Services’.



    • kaptinsblog says:

      great stuff thnks for the info Cai. Wouldn’t get one unless absolutely sure could give them a good home so it’s good to know what that actually entails 🙂

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