New Year, New Style

I’m not sure if simply making a list of things you want to do in 2012 counts as New Years resolutions. Generally resolutions seem to be lists of things that you want to ‘not do’ or things that you would like to do but probably won’t. So I’m not sure where I stand on my list of New Years resolutions but I do have a list of goals and things I want to do, one of which (and this definitely sounds like a resolution actually) is to update this blog a bit more frequently. So I guess one of the others should be to have more things to talk about, which would lead into giving myself both ‘time to actually do things’ and ‘time to digest what I’ve done properly’ thus leading up to ‘time to write the blog’. I often give up on a blog post because I feel I need more time to fully formulate my opinions, there’s still half a post on the whole issue of racism (sort of), sparked in part by #MyTramExperience that might unfortunately have to wait for another catalyst to be completed. The other temptation is just to quickly throw things up Tumblr style, which is fine sometimes but getting into that habit can quickly devalue your blog as a whole I believe, another reason why I felt the Chrome Kids blog required a relaunch (Launch Party on January 19th here in Cardiff people, holler at me for details). It’s time to give the things that really hit home and feel like they matter more time (is that another resolution or am I just repeating myself here?).

I have a good feeling about 2012, it looks like being a crazy but fulfilling year and I certainly hope my (and your) list of resolutions / plans comes to fruition. It definitely started off on a good foot with a fairly last minute plan to spend New Years Eve at Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. That particular stretch of the Thames has provided me with many insightful strolls this year and so it seemed a fitting place to start things off, and with easily the most spectacular Fireworks display I have ever experienced plus some good friends and a stellar selection of bands programmed in part by the excellent Chai Wallah / Diplomats of Sound crew, it proved to be one of my favourites yet…. and all stone cold sober I might add (what you could call, pre New Years Eve resolutions).

Rather than simply tell you all the bands I managed to catch, here’s a little taster of them all. Not many seem to have great quality vids available online unfortunately but you get the idea.

I’ve often thought about how to update a traditional Ceilidh and Eliza Carthy does it pretty well with her Motown take on it. I’m pretty sure Eliza used to play at some of the Ceilidhs I went to as a kid too.

Next up were this bunch, we only caught the end but heard them doing this version of ‘Final Countdown’. This video is quite pertinent for 2012 as it’s recorded at The Hub in the Shangri La, Glastonbury, but more about that at a later date.

Betraying more of my little known leanings towards Folk music, I thought these guys were amazing. All highly skilled musicians but the Cajon and Fiddle players were particularly impressive.

2 bands I’ve been wanting to catch for a while are The Boxettes and Dizraeli + The Small Gods, although neither full crew were in attendance, these guys represented hard as a duo.

One of my favourite bands to play at Cardiff Arts Institute last year. For those who don’t know them this video is a pretty good introduction. You can grab a free tune from their forthcoming album at their Facebook page.

Hadn’t heard of this singer / band before but was suitably impressed. Live they had a very 20s influence but that could have just been to suit the theme of the night of course.

Perfect band to kick start the year, really wish I could find a better version of this song, its one of my favourites. Still, here’s a free Dub Version for you all.

Also props go out to Moneyshot who was on DJ duty in the Chai Wallah area (which incidentally was in the Loading Bay, great idea as it looked fantastic down there but unfortunately not everyone seemed to be able to find it. Natty Bo also jammed some exceptional tunes in the Silent Disco but I was lured over to the other side (not sure who that was though) by this tune

Funnily enough my Facebook status the day before was “So what is everyone doing for NYE? Still no plans and I’m torn between nice and intimate and all guns blazing. Either way I’d quite like to stupid dance to this at some point” with a link to it. I like it when things like that happen. Here’s a free download for everyone to play next year.

Download: Slamboree – Zorba The Greek Remix


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