Back Riding The Airwaves (Kind Of)

Last year sadly saw the demise of my Chrome Kids show on Radio Cardiff, not through any issues with me or the music thankfully but due to the station’s ever decreasing funding they needed to bring in the shows with cash and I never quite found the right sponsor. However they have agreed to let me use their 2nd studio to carry on recording the show and in return they get to use the recordings as and when they need them. This is great news as I love doing it, quite a few of these tunes I don’t get to play out and as I think I’ve mentioned before, my favourite part of being a DJ is to share the music I love with other people (that and making hot girls dance, why lie). It also leaves it fairly open if any other stations are willing to pick it up syndicated style (which would be great and I’m open to suggestions at the moment). Anyway, here it is, I hope you enjoy it. The Chrome Kids blog will be back up and running soon and this should give you a good idea of where our heads are at with that musically….Or maybe not, sorry just discovered that you can’t embed the player on – but here’s the link:

Also we’re holding a Chrome Kids party in Buffalo Bar, Cardiff this Thursday (January 19th) with a bunch of our favourite DJs and Producers, all the info’s on the flyer above. It’s going to be the first time in over a year that I’ve got to see Stagga play (bedroom DJing not included) and not seen Monky since Electric Sheep last year so really looking forwards to it. Also Jauge is a fairly new artist who I’m yet to see play, I’ll post one of his new tunes below with the new free release that Falcon Lake gave us recently.

Jauge – Mind Fried

Falcon Lake – All I Want

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