Landslide Victory

Last night I was involved in some surprise party skullduggery for my mate Tim’s 40th Birthday.  His partner Sarah had been in touch asking if I would pretend to book him for a gig in London alongside Sound Of Rum and Monky (who were all in on the set up). He brought it completely and was pleasantly shocked when he turned up to find out that all his mates who had said they were too busy to come down to the gig (and a whole lot more) were all waiting for him.  Although he was rather disappointed at not actually getting to play.

As part of the surprise Sarah had compiled a ‘This Is Your Life’ style video that was great and reinforced my opinion that he is actually something of an understated legend in his own right with: a groundbreaking first release ‘Drum N Bossa’ on Hospital Records back in 1999, which predated the big wave of Brazillian and Brazillian influenced Drum N Bass that was to sweep the scene a couple of years later; a residency at FWD (seminal Garage / Dubstep club night); and some time spent drumming for possibly the greatest of the live D&B bands, London Elektricity. 

If you’re unfamiliar with his music then I definitely suggest doing a bit of digging.  His early soulful Garage easily stands up against anything being made today and his last album was one of my favourites from last year, as was the remix album which featured Throwing Snow, Blaksmif, Pocz & Pacheko and Monky amongst others.

I also didn’t know until just rechecking my facts that he had a single out on the fantastic Black Acre label in 2008.  Not sure how I missed this one. 

Incidentally I only found out this week after a few rounds of email chat that Ian who runs Black Acre is also El-Eye from pioneering Bristolian Hip-hop crew Aspects.  This revelation comes with news that they have a new album dropping pretty soon too.  This is their latest single produced by Akira Kiteshi who was perhaps my first introduction to Black Acre.

Tonight I’m back in Cardiff to DJ with the excellent Dirty Dubsters from Ireland at Boiler House followed by my usual Buffalo slot.  Maybe see you there.


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