Just over a year ago my friend Tony played me to a video by a couple of guys from his home town of Limerick. He happily translated some of the slang and local references and my love for the Rubberbandits was born. The Video to ‘Horse Outside’ is probably my most played since then and still never fails to amuse me but I must have kept my eye off the ball because I didn’t notice their album ‘Serious About Men’ dropping last year, or this hilarious video to ‘Fight Your Father’ which is getting nearly the same rotation. In fact I think this post is just an excuse to watch it again.

I first heard this track when they did it live at last year’s Latitude festival. It was one of the few they managed to get in after the power died during their set and they were forced to try and keep the crowd entertained for half their set using just a megaphone. They pulled it off well, although that’s not too surprising when you hear some of their prank phone calls, there is definitely more to them than just a few funny songs.

I guess I can’t finish the post without this one. It made it to the Christmas Number 2 spot in Ireland but I’m still yet to find many people over here that have heard of them. So pass this on if you like them.

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