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I missed out a post on Secret Garden Party to avoid what proved to be a perfectly amazing weekend being reduced to a rant I had brewing about sound men not respecting DJs as proper acts.  In fact I can feel my blood starting to boil up again already and will definitely have that rant in future.  For now you shall have to make do with exploits over the weekend just gone, which as I was mostly at the ultra family friendly Camp Bestival turned out to be rather more reserved on the party front than SGP but still masses of fun. In fact it was a rather healthy affair which was exactly what I needed, with Pilates classes, running, free climbing, fresh coconuts and good food, a whole new festival experience for me but I have to admit to liking the change.  I saw very little of the music as most of the acts I wanted to check clashed with mine and Matt The Hat’s set in the Wedding Disco under our new guise as The Wedding Crashers.  We were only meant to play a little while but ended up on an epic four hour sing a long set to a rammed out tent, lots of fun indeed and gave me the chance to dig out such classics as:

If you don’t know this tune, it means you’ve probably never seen Motown’s brilliant 80s Kung Fu movie The Last Dragon with Bruce Leroy.  I suggest you remedy that asap.  It’s also set me off on putting a little mixtape together on a similar vein, shall hopefully upload that soon. Despite the whole Wedding Disco thing being steeped in irony I have no shame (or guilt) in claiming my love for tracks like this, there is undoubtedly a time for serious, progressive tunes… and there is also a time for unabashed sing a long cheese, I love seeing the mix of people from young rudeboys to pot bellied parents completely throwing their guards down in order to pick up a rendition of  ‘All Night Long’. I was gutted not to be sticking around Camp Bestival for the futher couple of days but had to head up north to attend my cousin’s actual Wedding.  As he was marrying into an Indian family the ceremony (or rather collection of ceremonies) were very much in the Hindu Tradition and although the DJ’s set generally over stepped even my limits of acceptable pop crap, he did throw in  a few classic Bollywood and Bhangra tracks in between (which I’ve missed since my old skool days as a part time Bollywood / Bhangra DJ) including one of my personal favourites that always makes an appearance at any Hindu wedding I’ve been to.

The first part of this song translates as something like…

“We will not break this friendship / I may break my strength, but I will never leave your side”

You can see why the lyrics might translate well to a wedding but the song is of course sung between friends and two good friends of mine taught me how to sing this part (in Hindi obviously) many moons ago.  I’d suggest learning it too and singing along if you’re not actually from an Asian background but are going to an Indian Wedding, it’s certainly a conversation starter when you don’t know too many people there.

All in all it was a beautiful wedding and as well as plenty of dancing everyone was fed to bursting with great food so many congratulations to my cousin Tristen and his new bride Monica! (who unfortunately is not in this picture due to iphones not being great at taking photos indoors).

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