Flying High

When I first listened to Flying Lotus I’m pretty sure I wasn’t an instant fan, but there was something that must have dragged me back in for more and those are often the tunes that stick the hardest.  I still couldn’t tell you exactly what it is that hits me the most about it all but he has undoubtedly been a big influence on both my listening habits and on the whole Chrome Kids project generally.  One day I’ll figure it out but for now I’ll simply be content with knowing that he feels like one of the most exciting artists out there today.  I can’t remember seeing any kind of documentary before now though so props to Pitchfork TV for this mini taste.  I’m definitely looking forwards to the new album.  Last time it took a walk through a park and a boat trip down the river to get it properly and I’m not sure I’ve needed to listen to it since.

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