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Badass Video

It’s been a while since the last proper Astroid Boys single but we’re finally getting ready to drop ‘BADA$$’ via Brain Juice on Halloween. Before then comes the video which dropped on Wednesday via Wonderland Magazine. Think this is most definitely my favourite yet and manages to capture a bit more of their vibe at the moment. I love it more each time I watch it and almost makes me want to join in one of ther mosh pits… almost. I tend to stay just out of the way when it comes to the shows, although I did end up with Phil on my head at the ‘Huw Stephens Presents…’ night last week.

There was a launch party for the video at Clwb Ifor Bach on Wednesday also, which has to go down as the most random line up that actually worked (I’ve seen more random ones but they bombed miserably). It went from a young Dirty Sanchez style group of lunatics from the Valleys called Scumbox, into a Hardcore group from Glasgow called Trial & Error, a busker Phil found on the street who did a 10 minute Accordian set, and then 6ft10 London rapper XO Man, who raps “only about pussy & bass” (great set though, really enjoyed it). Even he had to admit that the mosh pits in Cardiff were on a far more insane level than the ones back in London. Finally the video was shown and the boys tore up the club as usual (perhaps a little too literally). In between, myself, Dell and XO Man’s DJ (sorry can’t remember his name!), got to drop some heavy Trap type tunes (keep an ear out for Dell’s new Trap stuff, it’s heavyweight indeed). I think that was possibly the first time I’ve got to play most of it out so I’m grateful for that if nothing else.

Anyway, enjoy the video and keep an ear out for the single. I’d be interested to know your thoughts.

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Beats, Rhymes + Basslines / Buses, Brass Bands + Male Voice Choirs

Due to Bestival I didn’t do a round up of last weeks videos (the ones I’ve posted on my Facebook wall for those who haven’t caught my blogs previously) and as I’m away at Festival No. 6 (that’s the name … Continue reading

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Until The Quiet Comes

Following on from my Flying Lotus post the other day, here’s a beautiful short film by Kahlil Joseph using music from FlyLo’s forthcoming album. Perhaps a little too short to satisfy properly on the whole but as an appetite whetter for the release it’s most certainly effective.

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Bestival Pics

I often think when I hear the old curse ‘May you live in interesting times’, that one of my ancestors must have really pissed someone off and had them curse down the generations. As I try and process an extremely … Continue reading

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Delights, Darkness + Daggering

Okay so here’s the latest crop of tunes and videos you might have caught posted on my Facebook page last week. Quite a mixed bag but all have obviously had some kind of effect and influence on me, starting with… … Continue reading

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Enter The Cakehole

The first time I ever caught Chris Ridgeway sing was at a highly under attended open mic night at the sadly departed Toucan Club in Cardiff. I can’t remember the song but I was so struck by it I had … Continue reading

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