Delights, Darkness + Daggering

Okay so here’s the latest crop of tunes and videos you might have caught posted on my Facebook page last week. Quite a mixed bag but all have obviously had some kind of effect and influence on me, starting with…

I have to admit that when my friend Jodie’s family asked if they could ask for some tunes to go in my set at her wedding on Saturday, I was bracing myself for some of the terrible requests that aunties generally accost me with at family functions. To my pleasant surprise their only preference was some Calypso. However I only had a select amount with me so had to garner some goodies, including this 1931 classic by Wilmoth Houdini, that instantly caught my attention due to the infectious melody at the beginning which DJ Shantel made his own with ‘Bucovina‘ (not to mention it’s countless remixes).

I originally posted this Blawan track back in May, after it had first hit YouTube from being snatched off his Boiler Room set, but now this is the full version which is finally out on the ‘His He She & She’ EP via Joy O and Will Bankhead’s Hinge Finger label. There are 3 other tracks which get even darker and harder (except ‘His Daughters’ which lacks any inch of club friendliness and is just a disturbing journey into the inner realm of nightmares… though not without some charm).

Rather more fun is this Mark Morrison bootleg from South African producer Jumping Back Slash. There definitely reached a point when I couldn’t face listening to the original any longer but I think it’s about time for the return…(I’ll stop there).

This one surprised me. I first saw this video whilst doing the promo for Paradise Gardens back in May or June, they were one of the bands we had booked and although I’d never managed to catch them live they came highly recommended as a fun festival band and one of my booking partners for Pleasure Gardens (the legendary Chris Tofu) had booked them a few times for various events. On the day they played Chris told me he had heard one of their songs on daytime Radio 1 a few times, this in itself was a surprise but I never would have expected that it would make it to number one in the UK Charts (as it is now).

You always see some spectacular bands on the festival circuit and often wonder what it would take for them to break out of the fields into the wider public eye, so I’m sure there will be a lot more bands playing similar line ups who will be keeping a close eye on Sam & The Womp’s commercial successes. I certainly wish the guys all the best with it.

The wonderful Jamaican dance form called ‘Daggering’ will never cease to amaze and amuse me. Sounds like the government have been trying to crack down on it though, perhaps a good premise for ‘Dirty Dancing 3: Daggering In The Dancehall’. I can hear Diplo tweaking a version of ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’ for the soundtrack already.

Last but not least is my favourite track from the Insomniax EP out now on Earnest Endeavours. I’ve been a fan of the rapper Kashmere for a while but think he suits this kind of production perfectly, and Earnest Endeavours are fast becoming one of my favourite labels. If this is the first time you’re hearing this then it means you haven’t been listening to our Chrome Kids Radio Show. I shall try and post up the latest one tonight once it’s aired on Radio Cardiff.

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