Warm & Easy

I’ve been left without sound on my laptop for the last 2 weeks, a week of which was spent on holiday in Ibiza, so I figured I’d only posted a small amount of music on Facebook since last time and could simply put both weeks together. Turns out that I’d somehow managed to post more than usual but I won’t hit you with everything, here’s a selection minus the ones that won’t play properly on my phone.

Always been a big fan of Joe Driscoll’s solo show since meeting him back at the first Bloom festival a few years ago, and was impressed with the Sekou link up when I saw them both at Secret Garden Party, however the full band now takes this project to the next level. This is the perfect blend of Hip-hop, Funk, Reggae and West African vibes, warm and soulful to the maximum.

Beautiful chilled House from the ever excellent Hackman and Jabru, a relatively new producer as far as we can tell, who has been cementing a solid reputation for himself this year.

A healthy airing from SnowSkull has lead the ‘Mumps, etc’ album to be a new favourite of mine. Some fantastic tracks on there but this one happens to have a dope video too. I wrongly said the rapper was Doseone on the show the other day, it is actually one of his fellow Anticon founders and cLOUDDEAD compadre, Yoni Wolf.

One of the many great House tunes I caught out in Ibiza. Unfortunately had put together a good 24 hour House set for the Villa but then dropped my Hard Drive straight afterwards and lost all but about 4 hours worth of recent stuff still on my laptop… doh! All sympathy donations of music welcome.

Haunting mash-up cover of Nirvana and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Something a little different than I’m used to from Aruba Red but it works so well.

I hadn’t heard of Jazz singer Blossom Dearie before but downloaded a mixtape of her songs put together by Ahu and ended up playing it a few times poolside last week. All the tracks are amazing but this one stuck out for the fact you’d only need to change a couple of the cultural references for it to be just as relevant for your stereotypical Dalston dwelling Hipster. Brilliant.

I used to have this on VHS Video Single, anybody else remember them?

Still not got sound on my computer (hence having to check these videos on my phone) but after spending hours taking it apart, I think the answer may have been found in 3 minutes of YouTube surfing!

By the way, feel free to share any tunes that you’ve been loving in the comments section.

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