The Party Ain’t Over…

For those of you who are missing the festival fun from the summer already, here’s a small selection from 3 festival favourites who are starting to prove that their appeal extends far beyond the tents and fields.

Although they headlined the first night of Paradise Gardens, I’ve never actually managed to catch these guys live for more than a couple of tunes.  I’ve seen plenty of videos and caught both Bellatrix and Dizraeli live with separate projects on a few occasions and their talent is unquestionable, but still yet to be blasted with the whole shebang.   Absolutely love this tune and video though, kind of a bouncy, Gypsy-esque Hip-hop vibe that’s captured perfectly.

By all rights this pair should be as much of a global travel iPod essential as Manu Chao used to be (or possibly still is, I’ve been Brit bound for far too long).  This tune makes me think of  Wyclef’s brief Senegalese excursions, only a lot more down to earth and natural (plus with all of the ex Fugees recent bad press don’t hold that againt them), I very much look forwards to checking these guys with a full live band.  I shall be playing with them in Cardiff on Thursday 29th November but they are playing a few dates across the UK if you Google them.

Finally, if you’re having a party and don’t know what to put on to liven the place up then you could do far worse than this 1hr49m Rackabeat & Bar-Low mix, which they reconstructed from their set at Chai Wallah over in the Green Man Festival.  Expect Funk, Hip-hop, Disco, Reggae, House, Garage + Jungle, with a few straight up sing-a-long classics for good measure.

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