Sipping On Chrome Juice

As a way of trying to amalgamate my vastly different but ultimately related projects of Brain Juice and Chrome Kids, I started Chrome Juice Media with Astroid Boys co-manager, Lekan. This helps to take care of the business side of things when necessary, but also keeps them tidied up in my head a little better also.  Although Chrome Kids is definitely more of a loose family collective of friends and like minded creatives than any kind of business, there’s definitely potential for an official side to be handy in the future and even though Brain Juice was only really started as a banner to put out Astroid Boys material ourselves, the potential for that to actually grow as a recording label at some point is also unquestionable.

With that in mind, it’s been a good week for Chrome Juice, not the business necessarily, but the collective of ideas and artists that it represents, or put in other words, I’m chuffed cos my boys are all doing damn good right now!  Here’s a little brief summary of what I’m mostly chuffed about.

This is the new video for a forthcoming single from our friend Dr Meaker which features Astroid Boys and legendary Bristol rave MC Joe Peng (now vocalist with the excellent Reggae band Laid Blak).  It has managed to clock up a huge 267,738 YouTube views since it was uploaded 3 days ago.  Even though I’m very much of the understanding that views don’t represent anything else except the amount of times it’s been watched, It’s good to know that it’s getting a decent amount of exposure at least and I’m chuffed for them all.

Also the  boys’ ‘BADA$$’ single will be dropping on Monday through Brain Juice.  The video hasn’t quite taken off to that level but the track has had some pretty good Radio play from the likes of Huw Stephens, Rob Da Bank, Jen Long and Annie Mac via The Blackout (all on BBC Radio 1), DJ Target (BBC 1Xtra), Eddie Temple Morris (XFM) and Alex Baker from Kerrang Radio who has given the single my favourite quote so far on his show, check him out below…

On the Chrome Kids side of things, Bodhi have been killing it on their first tour alongside the Push & Run family but have managed to stop just long enough to record a mix for Fat Cub! (Chew The Fat).  I still haven’t had a chance to hear it as I’ve been on limited phone only internet for a few days but I’ve heard it’s a winner and knowing those boys I have no doubt of that.  Check the mix and a short interview here.  They’ve also signed their new single to Sinden’s label Grizzly (who have released the likes of SBTRKT, Brodinski, Brenmar and Distal previously) so I’m chuffed for them too.

My brother SnowSkull’s painting ‘Branches Of Thought Like Bones’ has been picked up by his old band Funeral For A Friend for the cover of their new album ‘Conduit’.  The group are pretty huge so it’s also a great opportunity for his art to reach all over the world.  Well chuffed for him.

This is Jauge’s entry to a Julien Mier Remix contest.  I’m a big fan of Julien’s and I’m chuffed that Jauge has given it this worthy overhaul.  Not sure if it will make it to the final release but it’s certainly good enough.  Also if you missed it Jauge had a release on Bad Panda Records a couple of weeks back.  Grab a free copy here


Which leads quite nicely into the first official release from Leon (Falcon Lake) and I under the name Bodez.  This also came out on Bad Panda Records a few days ago and yes I’m chuffed with the response it’s been getting.  I’ve got a good feeling about this project and Leon’s an incredible producer (not to mention designer, he does all the Bodez and Falcon Lake artwork) to be working with.  Keep an ear out for more stuff from us but for now I’ll leave you with this.

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