6 Stages of Accelerated Learning

The shadow of procrastination is slowly trying to cast itself over this ‘Accelerated Learning’ course (I’ve just noticed the last post was a whole week ago!) but I’m determined to finish it.  It doesn’t really help that by the time I got to tackle ‘Tape 3’ yesterday it was 11pm at night and I still had over 1.8 GB of music from that day to listen to, not to mention a back log already there from the weekend. Still I have managed to at least listen through it twice and write down notes and I think I’ve taken it in.  From the sounds of it much will be repeated throughout the rest of the course and there was a fair amount of repetition already.  It just went over the general outline of the main principles , so that’s what I’ll do.  I haven’t been on Instagram enough over the past few days to really warrant the inclusion of new pics this time, however in keeping with the spirit of the course I have found a few corresponding pictures online to help me remember the principles more easily.

1. State of mind: It helps to be in what is known as a ‘resourceful’ state of mind.  This means approaching learning in a relaxed manner and figuring out what the main benefits of learning will be i.e. what’s in it for me?  Then create a clear image in your mind of  having learned successfully, including the visualisation of both pride and confidence in your achievement.

 2. Intake of new information:  This has largely to do with your preferred method of learning, whether that be visual, auditory or physical (looking, hearing or feeling).   The best way to approach it however is through all three.  It also helps to write down notes on what you already know and then form questions on what you need to know.   Then once you have learned everything, explain it to somebody else .

I’ll be honest, even though I’m kind of doing that now, I wouldn’t be confident to do that without the notes I’d made.  Perhaps at the end of the course I should try and summarise it all without notes.


One way of not being overwhelmed by it all is breaking everything down into smaller steps and approaching one step at a time.  This makes each part easier to master and those small successes can also help to increase confidence.

3. Explore the subject.  To really help everything sink in and make sure that you have  gained a proper understanding of the facts, play with the information you have and really explore it. The course offers up 7 ‘intelligences’ that will help.

1. Put it into your own words

2. Create a learning map

3. Discuss the subject with someone else.

4. List out the main points in a logical order of importance.

5. Explore the subject in a way that is physical.

6. Decide how the subject fits into what you already know.

7.  Write a song, jingle or rap about what you are learning.

Despite the fact I used to be a rapper and quite often I’d throw things I wanted to remember into rhymes, I’m not totally sold on this last point.  I can imagine doing the ‘Accelerated Learning Rap’ with one of the rap workshop groups I used to teach but whether I’d take the time out to do that now is another matter.  I’m not 100% sure I’d share it with you guys if I did, we’ll see.

4. Memorise key facts.  Draw a learning map, write out a list in order of importance, read the facts and then try to recreate from memory. Constantly review the notes.

I told you there is a fair amount of repetition and there’s more to come, but it all helps with the learning.  At this point the course also stresses the importance of taking regular breaks.   So I’m off to make a cuppa.

5.  Show you know what you have learned: Test your understanding, explain what you have learned to someone else and if possible practice it in a real life situation.  When possible, use it repeatedly until it become automatic.

6.  Reflect on how you learn.  Think about not only what you’ve learned but how you learn.  Give yourself feedback on how well it went and work out how to improve in future.  Stop and ask 2 simple questions:  How is the learning going?  How could it go better?

I’m not convinced this will make learning easier, but it should certainly make it more effective.  I guess it’s a matter of carefully choosing what you learn and making sure you have a system with which to learn it.  Perhaps I will have started to use a few more of these by the end of this course and maybe get a better feel for it all but at the moment I have to admit to feeling there’s a little more than I’m willing to accept on a daily learning basis.

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2 Responses to 6 Stages of Accelerated Learning

  1. STU says:

    Interesting read, Kaptin. I can see how rapping about the subject matter would drive the knowledge into your subconscious. In my spare time I rap Shakespeare 😉

  2. kaptinsblog says:

    brilliant, I’d like to hear that 🙂

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