Back To The Music…

Time for another round up of tunes. It’s actually really cathartic to go back on the tunes I post, as often the first time that I come across a track I haven’t quite got past the idea of whether I should like it or not. In other words when an artist you respect releases a tune that’s simply just okay or sometimes even just plain old sh*te, but your excitement clouds perception and it takes a while to realise that it’s just not satisfying your soul in the way that it should do. I’d say that 99% of tunes I come across are like this but then some stand up to the test of whether you can actually feel it deep in your gut rather than just in your eyes or ideals.

This week, it’s these ones:

If I’m honest I find the gruff singing on this a little irritating, it doesn’t quite sit right like some of the UK and American Ragga artists of the 90s that tried to copy the naturally thunderous voices of Jamaican acts such as Buju Banton. It just sounds a little bit too forced. However that doesn’t detract too much from the fact that this is a great little uplifting tune and the boys are obviously skilled musicians. I can imagine them as a good little festival band rocking the likes of Chai Wallah (the Yes Sir Boss sticker on the guitar was duly noted). I’m rather glad they’re on a credible label like BBE too, I think a major might have been the wrong move for these guys, for various reasons.

Speaking of the Chai Wallah family, I’ve already made my love for these boys clear on this blog and this is another top quality slice of soul affirming music. I’m a little gutted as I still haven’t caught their full band live yet and was supposed to be DJing with them at the end of this month. However I have been booked to play Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong and because of the long travel time, I have to be at the airport around the time I was due to play. I still recommend you go along and see them if you’re in or around Cardiff however, it’s on Thursday 29th November at Clwb Ifor Bach.

Joey Bada$$ and Ab Soul are two of my favourite rappers at the moment so I’m glad that the combination of the two doesn’t fall down, despite both approaching the track with seemingly little effort. “Keep your mouth shut and keep your motherf***ing Chakras open”.

This is Alice Russell exactly how I like her. More bounce than a rubber basketball court and the kind of funk that slaps you across the face with each drum beat, it provides the perfect backdrop for her to knock the soul power up a notch.

For reasons I can’t really explain, nearly every Garage tune I hear recently irritates me. So for me to post anything remotely Garage orientated is a definite testament to the quality of the track. It also helps that I love the video for this.

Mr MFN Exquire’s posse cut ‘The Last Huzzah (Remix) was one of my favourite Hip-hop tunes a couple of years back but nothing from him since has fully hit me like that, until this one. Although it’s essentially 2 tunes and the first is by far my favourite, they both work well together. Not sure how it would work playing out though, I kind of wish he had separated the two to be truthful.

There certainly seems to be a hark back to early 90s Brooklyn Hip-hop by a few artists at the moment. Joey Bada$$ being one who does it really well, and if this track is anything to go by, Lushlife is another winner. The effort on the video is also appreciated and the production is quite simply… lush.

As always, you can check out some other posts by me onn both the Champion Sound blog and the Slipped Disco Facebook group.

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