Funny Customs

2012-11-29 20.21.38

“But my flight leaves in under an hour” I appeal to the customs officer who has been making me feel increasingly more nervous for the past few minutes.

“In which case I must take your boarding pass because you will not be flying until we can check that all the music with you has been downloaded legally.”

2012-11-29 21.20.33

Now even if all the music I had was legit (I can’t promise that), a lot of it is promo material or friend’s productions, how easy is that to qualify? This was going to take hours, I was already formulating a plan to leave my CDs and laptop there and make do with the back up memory stick in my pocket. Despite trying to play things relatively cool, my face must have been showing clear signs of panic. He smiled a wicked grin and the change in my expression when he finally admitted he was only joking must have been priceless. Nothing like a bit of last minute stress to make you really appreciate actually getting on that plane.

2012-11-30 13.03.10

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