Getting The Facts (Pt 1)

OK so I’ve decided to start implementing some of the things from the previous lessons and it is already beginning to make the course a little easier, hence not having to wait over a week for this next section (although I’m away at the moment so it’s taken me a little while to find internet). As with the last ‘tape’ I’m going to break this one down into two halves as well. It might mean more sections but it should essentially mean less procrastination so it will actually be quicker to get through. Plus it means there’s not the same over load of information, so it might actually stick. Most of this was outlined at the beginning too so it’s just hitting it home really.

Pictures as usual are from my Instagram.

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Multi Sensory Learning:

Most of us have a naturally preferred way of learning, wether that be auditory (we prefer to hear it), visually (we prefer to see it) or physically (we prefer to get our hands on it), although we learn best when all three senses are activated. Everybody has their own unique strengths and combination that they like to use. For example I would say that I’m definitely a physical learner first, then auditory then visual. I never read manuals unless absolutely necessary, if somebody tells me how to do it I have a better chance, but I generally prefer to just do something and figure it out for myself.

2012-11-17 15.47.11

Formal Education:

The course states that most of us are taught in schools in the way that the teacher prefers to learn. I would add to this that often it’s simply the way they are told to teach so they aren’t fully engaged in the learning of it themselves, let alone the teaching. This means that if a teacher takes the class through spoken lecture alone, then they are only reaching the auditory learners and have pretty much missed the more physical or visual learners. Of course if we’re not taught in the way we prefer to learn then that can lead to severe doubt in our own intelligence and it’s easy to lose faith in the whole educational process altogether. Although we can’t always choose the way in which we are taught, we can choose how we adapt that information to help us learn the information effectively.

2012-11-19 12.15.31

The Big Picture:

Get a general idea of the subject before you tackle the specifics. Read the key points and see which parts trigger your interest most. It’s okay to start tackling the subject from a point of interest rather than at the beginning, it’s most important to actually just start the subject. It’s important to cultivate curiosity so if you’re struggling to retain interest from the start then it will make learning a whole lot harder. Once you think you have a handle on the key points, write them down and as you go through the subject write down questions that come to mind about what you don’t know. Then when those questions are answered, write down more. Remember to visualise yourself mastering the subject so that you have a clear objective to attain.

Got a few days in Hong Kong and going to be on the move quite a lot so the next part of this might have to wait til I get back to be honest. Though I will try. If you happen to be in the city I’m playing at XXX in Sheung Wan tonight then Clockenflap Festival tomorrow. Come say hi.

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One Response to Getting The Facts (Pt 1)

  1. Pozy says:

    I agree, unfortunately we can not choose how somebody else teaches us because we have no control over those certain factors. We do have a choice on how we choose to learn though so what we do with that information is up for us to decide. Love what you had say about working a subject out from a point of interest, I think thats so key in keeping yourself engaged if your really willing to master something.

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