The Reaping #1

Time for a musical catch up as I go back over what tunes I’ve seen fit to post on Facebook over the past couple of weeks and pick out a few choice ones for you guys. My brain is starting to struggle with new names for this each time so I’m going to pretend this is the first one and start calling it The Reaping. Mostly because I’ve just finished the second Hunger Games book and it sounds right.

Dirty Dubsters feat. Mystro – Fire It Up

Dirty Dubsters is one of my favourite producers when it comes to Reggae based party tunes and Mystro suits this kind of Hip-hop crossover perfectly. One for the skankers out there as well as the smokers.

Amy Winehouse feat Ghostface Killah – You Know I’m No Good (YesKing Remix)

Speaking of Mystro, I’ve been jamming the forthcoming YesKing album hard over the past couple of weeks and thankfully he’s very much a feature once again. I also came across this remix they did a little while back, don’t know how I managed to miss it. The Reggae lick works perfectly but then to be fair Amy Winehouse always suited Reggae well. Will no doubt post up some new YesKing tunes as they get released and the album will be out on BBE some time next year.

Dope D.O.D. – What Happened

I might have posted this up a while back but as the album is getting a re-release for the UK market it seemed a perfect time to post up again. This is probably one of my favourite Hip-hop videos ever and far be it from me to pass judgement on other people but something is seriously not right with that last dude. All adds to the atmosphere though.

Rodriguez – Sugar Man

I mentioned watching ‘Searching For Sugar Man’ recently. If you still haven’t seen the documentary then go check it out. I’ve been playing his first album solidly since then, so many great songs on there.

Jhené Aiko – Mirrors

Although she’s been around a while, Jhené has been gaining a fresh fanbase recently with her Black Hippy associations and I’m sure those new recruits won’t be disappointed by this moody and melancholic RnB excursion. Gives me goose bumps.

Fliptrix – Sounds

Watched Fliptrix on the weekend alongside Verb T and Kashmere. He’s never an instant favourite of mine but his tracks are always growers which is a good sign. Plus if the rapping doesn’t bring you back straight away on this new one, then the production from Runone & Molotov most definitely should. Props to all the High Focus family for holding it down either way.

Arrested Development – Living

This uplifting new one from Arrested Development sounds a bit like a late 90s tune from The Roots or Talib Kweli but that’s no bad thing. Good to hear something new from them, I haven’t really had my ear to their endeavors for a while but put them on a couple of times with Higher Learning and they were consistently good. Nice guys too, despite reservations after Speech refused to sign Dregz’ CD back in the early 90s.

P.H. Fat – City Of Thieves

Although I’ve got a major soft spot for the Capetown bass music scene in general, these fellas are some of my favourites. Their tunes are always a lot of fun and never fail to get me bouncing with their excess weight on the beats and irreverent rhymes.

Riz MC x Jai Paul – Jasmine

Riz is another rapper who doesn’t always reach me first time but makes some seriously good tunes still. No need for a second chance on this one though, it instantly hits deeply and is one of the most disturbing and touching tales I’ve heard on a track. Plus the choice of taking Jai Paul’s stunning ‘Jasmine’ was inspired.

Anthony Hamilton – Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens

For anyone wondering about the vocalist on Ben Pearce’s ‘What I Might Do’ that I posted up a while back, here’s where the original sample was reaped from. It’s off Anthony’s 2003 album ‘Comin’ from Where I’m From’.

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