Christmas Goodies

I have to admit I have a soft spot for a good Christmas tune. Although even the cheesiest ones touch a special place in my memory banks, generally the weirder they are the more wonderful. Over the years I have amassed a collection that includes such Christmas classics as Eazy E’s ‘Merry Muthaf**in’ Xmas’, ‘Santa Doesn’t Cop Out On Dope’ by both Martin Mull + Sonic Youth and Afroman’s ‘Deck My Balls’. With that in mind, a post about my favourites could potentially go on for days so instead here’s a few choice ones that I’ve picked up this festive season.

Whilst in Hong Kong I caught up with my mate George Smerin who happened to be over there visiting. His excellent band Smerins Anti-Social Club recorded this ska version of ‘Walking In The Air’ back in 2010 for Nemone’s show on BBC 6 Music. They released it back then but when I tried to find it recently the track had disappeared so he’s kindly agreed to reupload it and offer it out for a free download. Grab your copy here.

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer picks up his Banjolele to tell a tale of rather less than gentlemanly behaviour by Father Christmas up at the mansion.

Shout out to Carly for sending me this juked up version of ‘Sleigh Bells’ from Texan producer Wheez-ie.

If you’re feeling this festive tune from light hearted London funksters Too Many T’s then #tweetthatshit @toomanyts

Although I’ve always been moderately respectful of Sufjan Stevens he leaped in my estimations earlier in the year with his s/s/s project alongside Serengeti and Son Lux. His latest project is much more along those taking tracks from his ‘Silver & Gold’ Christmas boxset and remixing them with friends such as Son Lux, Heems, Kitty Pryde and Busdriver. Grab the whole album here.

Not an official version but the best impromptu rendition of Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer that could ever exist I reckon, although I’m a little worried at how unhinged DMX seems to be from the last couple of videos I’ve seen.

There’s some classic Rock N Roll Christmas records and this one has the spirit of them all. Massive fan of the J.D. Mcpherson album. A very authentic sound despite being 6 decades past the rest of his peers.

Feel free to post some of your favourites below.

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