The Reaping #3

First up is a meeting of two legends as one of my favourite Reggae singers Horace Andy gets a re-working from the mighty Bristolian producer RSD aka Rob Smith. I have to admit that one of the reasons I’ve posted this up a couple of times in various places is I’ve actually been doing some online promo for the new Horace Andy remix album ‘Broken Beats’ which features many more amazing reworkings and revocals of some classic tunes. Although I am constantly sending round tunes I love, I like to keep it natural and it’s never been for anyone but mates and myself really, but I have a lot of respect for the Echo Beach label, their output is always top quality and I love Horace Andy so it was a no brainer really. Plus how many times have I heard people (including myself) pine for some classic sounding Dubstep, well it’s right here.

I know we’re only a few days in but this is without doubt the funkiest tune of the year so far, and to be honest it’s probably going to take some beating. It’s off the forthcoming EP from The Allergies, a duo consisting of my very good friends DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat. This might make me biased but trust me the only reason I’m posting it up is because it’s those boys. Otherwise I would keep very quiet and save it for my private arsenal.

Speaking of funky, undoubtedly one of the funkiest bands I saw last year was The Mouse Outfit out of Manchester. They have the added bonus of UK Hip-hop stalwart Doc Sinners as their front man and regular collaborator too.

It’s quite easy to overlook music from artists after they become successful. I always have a sneaking suspicion the new tracks won’t be up to scratch and actually a lot of the time I’m right. Thankfully Melo (the rapper on our last Bodez track, have I posted that yet?) gave me the heads up on this 1Xtra session from Rudimental that I had missed. To be fair Rudimental haven’t put anything out I didn’t like yet.

Another great BBC Session here from their very own Benji B and his String Ensemble. Even if you haven’t got time to watch it all I suggest at least putting it on just to listen to at some point.

I somehow overlooked this track from the DJ Vadim album but then good album tracks often do get lost, that’s the beauty of singles. Featuring vocals from Greg Blackman, this too is very blooming funky. I must be having that kind of month I guess.

Well if we’re going to have an excessively funky post why not have the prince of funk himself… Prince. This tune popped up on a new Twitter account from 3rd Eye Girl. Not sure if it’s brand new or just unheard til now, also not sure if it’s official or lives up to 3rd Eye’s clam of being an ‘International Art Thief’. Either way it’s… well…. funky.

Let’s finish off with a few Reggae tunes. As always you can find more of this vibe over on my Champion Sound UK blog. This one is the first single from Mr Benn’s forthcoming album ‘Shake A Leg’, it’s due out on Nice Up Records at the end of the month with the album following later in the year. Mr Benn has had a solid output over the past few years and he’s always brought a killer tune selection when I’ve caught him play, plus I don’t hear Serocee on this kind of track enough, it suits him perfectly. I wish them big things for 2013.

I remember being impressed by these young lads when I saw them at last year’s Springstan Festival. This conscious rootsy tune was a little too polished for me to give it the proper attention at first but on further listens it’s grown on me immensely and reminds me of that classic 80s British Reggae sound, no bad thing.

Another up and coming British Reggae band i’m feeling at the moment. This is a studio session put together specifically for the video but the finished tune should find it’s way onto the album which hopefully will be dropping later in the year. Also worth checking out drummer Ed West‘s solo productions which are more on a classic Dancehall tip. He has a single dropping soon on Dirty Dubster’s Irish Moss label which features OnlyJoe vocalist Jago and Parly B who I’ve been seeing a lot of good things from recently.

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