The Reaping #4

I love this track a lot. It’s a mixture of quality Lidell warpedness with the spirit of Parliament Funk channeled through classic Outkast and a touch of old school Prohibition Blues thrown in for good measure. Can’t wait to hear the whole album.

Been hearing Cashmere Cat’s name all over the place recently and with tunes like this, now I know why (had previously only heard the Jeremih remix we played on the show which is also dope). I haven’t began delving deeper yet but might just do that now. Any recommendations?

I don’t often repost tracks I put up on Champion Sound here but then I don’t often post Garage / House stuff on Champion Sound either. This is perfect though, just the kind of track that got me into UK Garage the first time round and Ragga Twins suit it so well. Gets better with each listen.

And this is one that I discovered too late for Champion Sound. I’ve been playing the original for a while but never heard the Dreadsquad remix. It’s on their ‘Old’s Cool Riddim’ and caught it whilst listening to Radio Fly Foot Selecta, a wicked French Internet station somebody in the office was tuned into earlier this week.

I love Twitter as a tool for discovering new tunes. This is the type of track that I might easily over look otherwise but after seeing a couple of respectable recommendations on my feed I decided to check it out. It feels like the perfect Summer sunrise track, the kind which will almost guarantee you a good day ahead.

Another great Twitter recommendation was this Mos Def cover from B.J. Smith, who gives it a folkier vibe but manages to keep the soulfulness. I actually ended up DJing with Ben last week at the YesKing single launch, top dude. This is out Monday on Phat Phil Cooper’s NuNorthernSoul label, but if you want a physical copy then you’d better be swift as it’s selling out quickly.

If you haven’t seen Django Unchained yet then I won’t drop any spoilers but Tarantino always uses the music in his films so well and picks the choicest tracks. Was great to rediscover this again, think it might nearly be time to rewatch the whole film (Woodstock not Django Unchained). I saw Richie Havens live a few years back and I loved the little incidental stories he told, such as being the one to pass Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’ to Jimi Hendrix, who owned it so well that Richie stopped even bothering to sing it for a while.

Speaking of Jimi Hendrix, this newly uncovered track just seemed to appear a little while back and then get forgotten again.  This is classic Jimi though. I sometimes wonder how Rock stars feel about the fact that they’re not Jimi Hendrix. I think if I had the ego and inclinations of a Rock star that would really piss me off, because quite frankly, even as a dead man he will always be bigger and better than you.

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