BoomTown Fair 2013: Round One


I’ve been working over in the Boomtown Fair office for the past few weeks and today was the day when we dropped the first round of band announcements. I think it’s safe to say I love everybody on the line up, so it would take me ages to do a selection of my favourites. So instead I’ve decided to highlight a few of the acts that shall be heading over from elsewhere in Europe (as opposed to UK, US and Jamaica). Some of them I’ve been loving for a while, but many are new to me also. As you’d expect from Boomtown though (all bias aside), they’re of the highest quality imaginable.


Seems that these guys are absolutely massive back in their homeland of Sweden. check this live video from one of their gigs. Really looking forwards to seeing them after catching that.  This is pretty damn addictive, it’s rather like a blend of Manu Chao, John Butler Trio and Bedouin Soundclash… kinda.

Million Stylez

Looks as if India’s the place to record your video these days. This title track from the More Spiritual Riddim was one of my favourite Reggae tunes from last year and there’s no doubt that Million Stylez is a global star of the scene. It’s almost hard the believe that he’s also a Swede.

Dub Inc.

Boomtown has been great for introducing me to great French bands in the past. Acts such as Babylon Circus (who will be playing their Equinox Party next month) and Fat Bastard Gang Band have graced their main stage to fine effect, so I have no doubt that these guys will represent well over at the Lion’s Den and receive a fine response back.

Dreadsquad + Dr Ring Ding

Another of my favourite Regae artists at the moment (and I don’t say that lightly) is Dreadsquad from Poland. As with many of the current Reggae acts in the UK, they favour an old school, authentic sound. Which is why this video is probably perfect to show you. Dr Ring Ding is from Germany and shall be joining Dreadsquad at the festival, alongside Kasia Malenda and El Fata.


This follows on quite nicely, as I-Fire are a feel good jump up Reggae band from Hamburg in Germany. To our untrained British ears, the German accent can often sound rather harsh but the music carries this so nicely that it’s not even an issue.

There’s literally hundreds more bands to announce and I’m really excited about some of the bands I’ve been programming in so expect to hear much more about Boomtown Fair on here over the next few months.

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