The Reaping #6

Staying true to the last few random selections.

There’s no doubt as to which direction Duke Dumont is going after this tune and it took me a couple of listens to decide if I liked it or not. The final verdict is yes, I actually like it a lot. It’s a reminder that some place over the cold horizon, summer is lurking. I only hope that the impending enormity of this tune doesn’t lead him to chase P’s in the cheese factory.

I rarely post Folk up on this blog, mostly because I don’t get sent it much any more and I rarely get the opportunity to hunt it down. I was sent this recently though and it caught my eye partly because it features Adem Ilhan, who used to be in the band Fridge with Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet). I don’t actually know too much about Adem but he once stayed at my house in Cardiff and was a thoroughly nice chap. We also went to go see him play in Clwb Ifor Bach, and his set was full of gurt lush tunes such as this one.

Of course it would be unfair not to also mention that Megan Wyler has the most saintly of voices, full of sweet melancholy and magic.

If like me you tend to skim through blogs and the musical delights offered within them, you might well be frustrated at the last tune and this little selection here from the Creole Choir Of Cuba, because they’re the sort of songs that you can’t simply breeze past and file away for another day. They force you to stop, take a breath and listen through until the end. Powerful stuff, so before you press play it might be worth going to make a cup of tea and taking a time out whilst you listen.

I hope you’ve still got that cuppa as this is another one you meed to ride out til the end. It’s a new rapper on my radar by the name of Dips and to be honest I can’t find anything else about him. If anyone can hook me up a Soundcloud, Facebook or even an email or telephone number I’d be grateful.

I was recently sent a link to a collection of Paolo Conte covers by Daniela Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto. The truth is I wanted to like the songs more than I did, they were very… nice, but there just seemed to be something missing. Then as I had no idea who Paolo Conte was anyway, I decided to search out some of the original tracks, then it all made sense.

Actually to be fair, I do really like the Espresso Manifesto version of ‘Via Con Me’ too, it’s probably my favourite on the album. To let you make up your own mind though, here it is.

I once saw Sweet Baboo perform alongside Cat Le Bon in my mate’s little Cafe on Crwys Road in Cardiff (The Pot, if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend the San Francisco Breakfast). I enjoyed his set a lot more than I thought I would. It was just him and a guitar so the songs themselves and his rather unique voice really stood out. To be honest I was a little disappointed when I then went to check out his recordings, I can’t fully remember why but they just didn’t seem to have the same impact. There’s a comment on his YouTube kind of saying the same thing but in regards to this tune, there I have to disagree, because I think this is utterly tremendous.

I think I can probably thank Dubbledge for bringing the word tremendous back into my immediate vocabulary. This new track from the Problem Child project (which has Sumgii and Dabbla from LDN Zoo, plus Illaman and the Armlegga himself as its members) has been on heavy rotation all week. I think it’s safe to say that Edge is one of my favourite rappers in the UK, there’s not a track he’s on that I don’t love. I shall be mentioning them in a couple of days anyway though so I shan’t say too much now.

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