Boomtown Fair: Poco Loco

El Barrio Loco_Poster 2013_Final

So the latest Boomtown Fair announcement has been made and this time it’s the Barrio Loco area, comprising mostly of 2 venues – Circo Baile and Poco Loco. Circo Baile have a mammoth line up of amazing producers, DJs and crews but as the underdog and as a stage I had a fair amount of input on, I’m going to focus on a few acts from the Poco Loco stage. There is of course my boys Astroid Boys whom any regular reader of this blog should be familiar with by now, there’s also legends such as DJ Vadim, DJ Format and Skitz + Deadly Hunta on there, but I love every act so this selection is going to focus on some of the younger (perhaps) lesser know acts… mostly.

Problem Child

I posted their latest track the other day but I have a feeling Problem Child are going to be one of my favourite projects of the year. This video has both Dubbledge and Dabbla from the crew on rhyme duty whilst Sumgii provides another absolutely murderous beat. Some serious music that doesn’t take itself to seriously, I’m all over it (Sumgii and Dabbla will also be playing with their crew LDZ, if you don’t know about London Zoo then you really should go back and educate yourself on them too).

The only member not to have had his time to shine under the Problem Child banner is Illaman, whom I first met as part of Tomb Crew a little while back. So as not to leave him out completely, here’s one of his own videos, he’s also got a bunch of tunes produced by my boy Blured (aka Diverse Concepts) so make sure you check for his Soundcloud.


I first came across this dude when Traxx from Astroid Boys showed me his SBTV Warm Up Sessions, his second verse on there had me in stitches. The video has since had over 1.8 million views but seems that a lot of people still don’t really know what to make of him, I like that, it means he’s doing his own thing. I saw him live at Swn Festival with my boy Melo as his hype man and they smashed it harder than I expected so had to get them in for Poco Loco. He’s got a number of videos out but I’ve only just watched his recent Fire In The Booth and I’m feeling it hard so here it is.


As Vadim is also playing it make sense to post this track from his new album, which was the first time I’d come across JMan. I actually feel pretty late cos the dude has been putting in grind as an MC for some time, since his hosting days back in Croydon for all the Dubstep pioneers. For Boomtown he will be playing an exclusive album set alongside Res from Split Prophets, Gravity and DJ Fingerfood. Long as they play ‘Father Figure’ I’m happy. Tune’s a banger, though Child Protection might have something to say should they ever get hold of it.

Split Prophets

Speaking of those boys, better post a couple of their videos because next to Buggsy, they were the crew that really reignited my interest / faith in the Bristol Hip-hop scene again (with the above video). Krate Krusaders have to get props too for the beat that just owes itself perfectly to some classic UK flows. The track’s a couple of years old now so thankfully I came across this more recent track that proves they’ve got big tunes for days and show no signs of slowing down.

Afro Cluster

One of my favourite bands on the Cardiff scene from the past couple of years, bringing nothing but good vibes. Tumi aka Skunkadelic is the perfect frontman for something like this too, he’s got that deep Charli 2Na like flow that compliments the Funk / Afrobeat vibe like custard on crumble.

The Mouse Outfit

That said, when it comes to fusing the live Funk with Hip-hop, no band are quite hitting it for me like these fellas. Both of these tunes in particular have been getting some seriously heavy rotation in my house or out in the club wherever possible, and I’m super glad that both Dr Syntax & Sparkz shall be representing with them at Boomtown.

Dirty Dubsters

I’ve already posted up the collaboration with Mystro right? Pretty sure I’ve posted the Top Cat collaboration ‘Girls On My Mind’ before too. Well there’s so many more big tunes from these boys to choose from but I’m gonna go with the latest single featuring Dancehall legend Burro Banton. I also have a copy of the album which is due out soon but still not got round to checking it yet so will have to hold comment on that til another time.

Also if you happen to be in Dublin, Dirty Dubsters will be launching their new album at the Twisted Pepper on Friday (March 1st). They’ll also be playing live with a full band. Here’s a wicked Graffiti time lapse advert featuring Blackout JA..


Back to Bristol and this was the first taste I had of Gardna after I saw it posted on Facebook. I foolishy didn’t file the name in the memory banks properly so didn’t make the connection when I heard his tune on Dreadsquad’s Old School Riddim. I actually think I might have posted that before so instead I’m gonna go with this newer track produced by my amigo Dr Meaker and featuring Parly B.

La La & The Boo Ya

Although this sibling duo have been around for a little while they’ve only recently caught my ears after a couple of random recommendations. I’m still not totally up on all of their tracks but I’m a massive fan of their new Junglesque single on Congo Natty Records featuring the one and only Lady Chann.


I was going to explain some long and complicated link to the Congo Natty and the Unit 137 boys but instead I’m just going to post this track by their artist Sleepy Time Ghost (STG) which features one of the ladies we’ve got live on the stage, Bahia. She’s a Swede that now lives in London and she has a lush voice…simples. We also have her playing a more acoustic set elsewhere but more on that another time.

Born Ina Barn

These boys appear to have become the epitome of UK rural Hip-hop and fair play to them. They’re not the first on this tip and they’re probably not the best but they’re the ones who’ve got their shit together enough to get a decent package together and they’re tons of fun. Plus their tunes have an uncanny habit of sticking in your head.

Gypsy Unit

Another Hip-hop crew that just feel to me like they fit well on the festival scene, they certainly seem to have upped their game recently too. True there’s not going to be any awards for skills or lyrical dexterity and they’re not about to change the world but who cares! They certainly seem to be having tons of fun doing what they do and they’re enjoyable to listen to. I can imagine them getting rinsed in bedroom piss ups all over the South West.

There’s still loads of acts to be announced to, I shall keep you in the loop but hopefully you’ve at least put a deposit down on a ticket by now

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