Reinvention, Re Release and Reimagine

Just an odd and highly biased little window of UK Rap music right now.  This is by no means meant as a proper over view, just an excuse to post a bunch of tracks I’m feeling at the moment.

Strange U – Klaatu Barada Nikto 

The more I listen to this the more I like it. Kashmere is one of those UK Hip-hop artists that is well respected within the confines of what used to be called a scene but is rarely found outside of the inner circle. His new project on Alex Nutt’s incredible Eglo label seems to have passed even them by but I’m sure somewhere it has opened him up to a whole new audience. At least I hope so cos for me it’s some of the most exciting material around right now. Definitely seems to be nods to the likes of DOOM and Kool Keith but that’s no bad thing really. Also check out this live session recorded on Kane FM.

Juice Aleem – MoorKaBa Light Bikes

Another rapper who has always had a steady foot in the present is Juice Aleem and he proves that hasn’t changed with his new single, which incidentally includes a remix of the (virtual) flipside ‘AnuMal’ by Kashmere.

Mylo Stone, Percy Filth, Split Prophets & Serocee – Brukfoot

On a more traditional UK Hip-hop tip is this Brummie / Bristol link up. The video gets extra bonus points for representing Biblios, pretty much my daily lunch spot.

I’ve always been a massive fan of the Reggae / Hip-hop mash up style ever since ‘Ragamuffin Hip-hop’ by Asher D & Daddy Freddy blew my head apart back in the late 80s. Then 89 I got an album called ‘Ragga Hip hop’ which first introduced me to London Posse with my favourite track on the album, ‘Money Mad’. Now many years later the Tru Thoughts label are set to rerelease it along with the whole ‘Gangster Chronicles’ album from 1990 and a bunch of remixes. My favourite on the single is one from Wrongtom but I can’t find it online anywhere so instead here’s a mini documentary made to promo the second coming.

Ghostpoet – Meltdown

A rapper who seems to eschew any sense of the traditional, I’ve been a fan since I first heard the freebies given away by Brownswood and booked him on no less than 3 occasions in Cardiff Arts Institute’s short history. However this new single didn’t catch me straight away and it took hearing the Squarepusher remix to go back and give it another chance.  I’m glad I did cos it’s a new favourite.

This happens from time to time, I remember completely disregarding the first Roots Manuva album before a friend gave me a copy on tape and it didn’t leave my walkman for weeks.  Sadly none of his recent outings have made it to second base.

ItsNate f/ G FrSH, Catch’Em x Phaze One (Piff Gang) – WSLTA (Remix)

Seeming to take their lead from newer US groups such as A$AP Mob, Main Attrakionz and Flatbush Zombies, I’ve been feeling a few tracks from ItsNate over the past year or so.  Have to admit I don’t know anything about G FrSH or Catch ‘Em but it’s definitely similar in vibe to the Piff Gang stuff of whom Phaze One is a part of.

Astroid Boys – Minging

Last but not least my young Cardiff crew, Astroid Boys have this new video just dropped, ‘Mingin’.  If you were quick you caught the single on Bandcamp but otherwise it will be out on Digital and Vinyl in July.  I heard Earl Sweatshirt chatted to Traxx the other day and told him he was feeling it, likening it to a modern day Linkin Park .  I’d say that was fair comment.  I think it’s great they’ve been getting picked up by the Rock crowds and playing festivals such as Ghost Fest and Download , more power to them.


XO Man – Ella

Actually I’m gonna add this in as I’ve just noticed it. XO Man’s been playing across the country with Astroid Boys and they performed at his EP Launch. Got much love for the big fella.

Mikill Pane – You Don’t Know Me

This also led me to revisiting this classic tune from Mikill Pane and Will Power whom I last last at the Astroid Boys / XO Man show at Birthdays in Dalston (hence why I’ve gone on that tangent). Make sure you listen all the way to the end!

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