Just updated the Boomtown Fair website to include all the acts from the Wandering Word stage. As well as some incredible singers such as Nuala Honan, Rag & Bone Man, Toyface and John Fairhurst are a wealth of great poets. I originally planned to just post up a few of those such as:


or dare I say, this rather angry wrong-un (foul / fowl language alert) …

But then a few people posted up this excellent poem where Hollie McNish does her maths on immigration.

and so I decided it would be good to post up a few more of my favourite go to poems (one of which is actually the first poem posted above by David J).

This was written and recited just after 9/11 and still manages to choke me up a little.

I love Kate Tempest. We put on her band Sound Of Rum at Cardiff Arts Institute on the strength of a couple of tunes and she blew me (and everybody) away. I’d say she’s definitely one of my favourite poets in this country.

I was going to post up Saul Willam’s Def Poetry recital of Coded Language but then decided to post up my favourite music track of his instead. Still poetry in motion.

Something a little different from one of the greatest of the Dub Poets. This was one of my favourites growing up, my dad had a copy on cassette with Eek a Mouse on the other side (which I played so much I ended up losing it sadly).

This one I posted before after seeing Harry at Bestival. It still puts a smile on my face though so always worth a repost.

I think that should do for now. Feel free to post your favourite poems in the comments, would love to hear them.

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