The Reaping #12

I’m becoming increasingly aware that the look of this blog in no way matches the quality of the musical content. I’ve spoken to a few people about pimping it up but nobody’s come through as yet (partly as funds for it are slim I’d imagine) but I’m alway open to help / suggestions.

But that aside, forgive me people for I have sinned. It’s been one whole month since my last reaping, still this lot should make it up to you, enjoy.

Slamboree feat. Beans On Toast – Death Of A Festival

Went to see Die Antwoord last night with Mike Freear from Slamboree and he played us this final version of his new track with Beans On Toast. Can’t wait to hear this through a phat system. It deserves to be a festival anthem, though if it gets massive I’d say the chances of those boys playing V Festival any time soon would be even slimmer than ever. Not sure that bothers them that much though!

BoomTown Fair gets an honorary shout and you can catch both of them playing there this year.

Gardna feat. Bahia – Festival Season

More festival love and BoomTown shouts from Gardna and Bahia who will also both be playing BoomTown Fair this year, as will Dreadsquad who provides the riddim for this.

Dreadsquad – Bun Dem Riddim

Actually speaking of Dreadsquad, they have utilised the riddim for their next level remix of Skrillex & Damian Marley’s ‘Bun Dem’ (which still gets brought out regularly from me) and put an all star line up guests on it. Look out for the Blackout JA, Dr Ring Ding and Kasia Malenda versions on my latest Mayor Of BoomTown mix which I will try and post up tomorrow.

The Bombay Royale – ‪You Me Bullets Love‬

The other day a friend of mine was looking for a Bollywood band for her mother’s 60th birthday. Not sure how this Australian group would have gone down but it would have definitely been a talking point! Sadly you won’t be catching The Bombay Royale at Mrs Mehta’s birthday but if you’re in the UK then they will be playing a show at Village Underground in Shoreditch on Wednesday 17th July, plus Glastonbury, Larmer Tree, Cambridge Folk, Secret Garden and WOMAD festivals. You can also get a free download of the track here.

‪The Mouse Outfit feat.Fox – Kick Start ‬

The Mouse Outfit have something of a residency on these reapings and rightly so. This is yet another winner from their new album, a collaboration with Fox – who has easily become one of my favourite MCs from up north in the last year or so.

Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate – New York (The Allergies Remix)

Another act who should be no stranger to any regular visitors here is my boy Joe Driscoll and his sparring partner (and our occasional house mate) Sekou Kouyate. Here’s a killer remix of their track ‘New York’ by our good friends and neighbours, The Allergies aka DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat.

Pokey LaFarge – Close The Door

Tricky to pick a favourite from Pokey’s album, I love the whole thing lots. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a summer’s daytrip into the countryside, mixing stripped down Rhythm and Blues, Country and Swing. I decided to go with ‘Close The Door’ but couldn’t find online links for it. Thankfully there is this excellent live version which is still pretty damn special.

‪D‬om La Nena‪ – S‬ambhina

This warm and delicate Samba tune is positively glowing. Plus the video fits nicely and is almost guaranteed to entice a smile from you. Things seem to be pretty heated over in Brazil at the moment and people are rightfully upset, hopefully there will be a calm and positive outcome though.

‪Ester Rada – Life Happens

Another shining tune from a troubled place is this stunning pop track from Israeli singer Ester Rada. She will be in the UK next week for 3 London shows (The Islington, Momo’s and The Fiddler’s Elbow) and a spot at Glastonbury Festival.

Also keep an eye out for her boyfriend’s Reggae band, Zvuloon Dub System.

B.Lewsi & Sango – Não é Nada

More Brazilian flavour which seems a world away from what I’d have expected from B.Lewis, but actually those soulful synths kind of give him away. They work just lovely with Sango’s Baile Funk vibes too.

Drumagick – Maracuta

Actually, whilst we’re on a roll with the Brazilian tunes. I wanted to post something from Drumagick’s forthcoming EP on Tru Thoughts last time but couldn’t find any online links whatsoever.

Melo – Spill Words

Criminally slept on producer Jamie Winchester supplies a classic early 90s sounding Jazz flecked beat for this new track from my boy Melo out of Cardiff. Keep an eye out for this man in the coming months.

Rico Suave – Neo

And a last minute addition from another Welsh rapper, this time from just down the road in Newport. Been a big fan of Rico’s tunes in the past but think this one nails it just right for him. Good to see consciousness at the heart of it and SBTV behind him too.

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