My Birthday Party Is In Full Swing


Been a while since we’ve done an In Full Swing, in fact not since the doors to Cardiff Arts Institute were rudely closed on us back in 2011. Since then the Electro Swing scene has taken off no end, and we’ve played Big Swing Sound System sets at the official Electro Swing Club nights, and at festivals such as Glastonbury, Bestival, Festival Number 6. We’ve even taken it over to Hong Kong (at Clockenflap Festival). Plus this year I’ve been helping Chris Tofu and Will from Electro Swing Club / White Mink, programme a massive Swing / Electro Swing line up for The Ballroom at BoomTown Fair. All of this but still no In Full Swing, so when Blysh Festival offered to give us a Spiegeltent to play with in Cardiff Bay during the week of my birthday (Tuesday 23rd July to be precise), it was a no brainer really.

As well as myself and Matt The Hat taking our rightful place at the helm as Big Swing Sound System, we have:


Many moons ago when Matt and I spent a brief period of our Secret Garden history as The Chaps, one of our top tunes to play was Bathtime in Clerkenwell. With the emergence of Electro Swing, we had the chance to yet again slip it into our sets and The Real Tuesday Weld’s proved a massive influence on the scene, with their brand of Antique Beats which they have been releasing since 1999. Plus anyone who noticed the only Electro Swing track of The Grat Gatsby (Crazy In Love) might be interested to know that although the idea was nicked by Hollywood from Nick Hollywood (and the group Swing Republic signed to his Freshly Squeezed label), the first Electro Swing version of ‘Crazy In Love’ was actually by The Real Tuesday Weld and The Puppini Sisters.

Despite all of this and their massive influence, we haven’t been able to get them for In Full Swing til now so it’s rather exciting. The Clerkenwell Kid and co shall be coming with full live band and AV show too.



Around the time we started In Full Swing, Mick Kelly, father of my good friends Gabby and Becky Kelly (head honchos at Cardiff’s best bar, Milgi and also driving force of Something Creatives with Matt and I) started messing around with making some Electro Swing himself.

Although Mick’s vast musical knowledge always commanded respect, even we were surprised when his Ecklektik Mick productions started gaining favour amongst the tastemakers of the Electro Swing scene, particularly with one of it’s founding fathers, Nick Hollywood. Then when Mick decided to try his hand at reworking old and obscure Blues tunes, he suddenly and rather unwittingly became a pioneer of Electro Blues. Next thing you know, the 64 year old has launched a successful DJ / producer career, performing up and down the country and making his Glastonbury Festival debut. Nope, we didn’t see it coming and I’m not sure he did either but there’s probably nobody more deserving of such a cool new retirement plan and we’re very pleased to have his Cardiff DJ debut.



Plus the night wouldn’t be complete without Kitsch N Sync, who have provided us with many amazing performances over the years and also started our Swing Hop classes at CAI, which they have thankfully carried on to resounding success. They shall be hosting Swing-hop classes for those of you who arrive early enough.

We haven’t forgotten that it’s a school night (and this is birthday is reaching into my late 30s) so anyone who wishes to be out of the door to safety by 11pm will still get more than their money’s worth, whilst those who do wish to carry on into the night will be more than welcome at the after party. Please spread the word, it would be great to see all of the old crew as well as some new faces. you can grab tickets now over at the WMC site.


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