Swing? We Got It Covered

got it covered

There’s something about Swing, I’m not sure entirely what it is but it infects my bones, making them… well, swing. I’ve DJed Swing sets for hours and hours without getting slightly bored or tired. In fact I’m so resigned to Swing making me move every time, that I’ve even signed up for an intensive Swing dance class next month (it was that or a monthly Gym subscription, I think I made the right choice).

When I say Swing here I’m of course talking about all of it’s derivatives too, Electro Swing, Nu-Swing, Swing-hop, the lot. As I’ve probably mentioned here before Matt The Hat and I first started playing it back in 2005 under the name The Chaps and although it was another of our relatively short lived character pairings (next to the Banana Banditos and Stefan & Jurgen) the music stuck with us, as did The Chap’s penchant for Vintage clothing… or rather Vintage Remix as the new more genre unspecific name for the music more rightly puts it. As avid charity shop buyers anyway, it suits us perfectly.

Our latest outing under our Swing pseudonym Big Swing Soundsystem is a fun selection of some favourite cover versions. Aside from the updated versions of the more traditional Swing classics such as ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’, ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing’ and ‘Diga Diga Do’, everyone from the Gorillaz to Bob Marley, Eminem to Sublime gets Swung.

It was loads of fun to make and seems to be going down really well since we uploaded it yesterday. Hopefully it will brighten up your day a bit. If it does, please pass it on. As WordPress still doesn’t like to embed Mixcloud you can hear the mix from the link below.

Listen: Big Swing Soundsystem Got It Covered

More info: http://bigswingsoundsystem.com

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2 Responses to Swing? We Got It Covered

  1. lruthnum says:

    100% agree – swing music is amazing and always gets people dancing, I love electro swing – especially at festivals. I did a swing dance class in the summer at a festival and the atmosphere was incredible – everyone loved it and it was like being back in a 1920’s speakeasy!

  2. Pozy says:

    Very grOovy my friend, keep up the good work. I had no idea people were doing stuff like this. thoroughly enjoying the put-on!

    Have a good one

    P.S. If ya ever need a rapper to collab w/ let a brother know 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


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