Who’s That? BoomTown 2014 #5

Okay so over the past week I’ve covered some of the Gypsy, Reggae and Ska Bands already announced for  playing this year’s BoomTown Fair, as well as Columbian World Funk band Chiva Gantiva.  Today it’s Swing time, or rather Electro Swing time (although I’ve been leaning towards Vintage Remix as a much better definition for these acts) .  Out of the two we have released so far, [dunklebunt] & the Secret Swing Society have been with us before, here’s a little reminder of last time…

However our other act, Tape Five, despite being massive in various parts of the world and being on pretty much every Electro Swing compilation ever released (they are also one of  my favourite Electro Swing groups, featuring in our Big Swing Soundsystem sets nearly every time), have never played the UK before! So we’re definitely excited to be the first to bring them.  Here’s a little live taster of what to expect from their performance, filmed at the Seoul Jazz Festival in Korea.

Plus a couple of my other favourite tracks.

If this is your vibe then hold on tight for the full release of The Ballroom, our main Vintage Remix venue. It’s truly spectacular.

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