People’s reactions to this video have been as horrific as the event itself, to think that we still live in a world where such senseless bullying and brutality are not only normalised, but championed and encouraged, really both sickens and saddens me. I’m sure there has been tons of propaganda to discredit Pussy Riot, especially now as the games are on, but the fact that people would excuse the actions of these guards based on that fact is a seriously worrying affair.

Too much of the planet is run by gangsters and hired thugs, but I really don’t see the point in the world they’re trying to build (whilst actually destroying it). What are they getting out of this beautiful planet of ours, except blood? Most importantly is there any way to help them wake up, or is that too big a task? Maybe we should be concentrating on bettering our selves and those of the people in our immediate influence. Though something tells me we don’t have the time to start so small.

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