Once Upon A Time… There Was A Chinese Man

I was surprised how many people at BoomTown actually knew about these guys when we put them on last year, they were definitely one of the most talked about acts of the festival. Unfortunately I missed their set but managed to catch them a few weeks back at Motion. I was feeling pretty ill but was playing before them and thankfully stuck it out for their show as I loved it, especially as they had both Taiwan MC and YT with them (check out some of Taiwan MC’s solo material on their label plus keep an eye out for a new EP with YT). Not only do these guys have some great tunes but their videos are always ridiculously good. This new one is no exception. Don’t know much about Tumi, but he suits this beat perfectly.

As a bonus, here’s a new tune by a friend of mine, also called Tumi, or rather his band Afro Cluster who I deejayed with at The Attic on Friday. They smashed it in front of a full house, was a great night. Plus Dizraeli & Downlow played a killer set after, I wish every UK rapper had as much passion on stage as Tumi (or Skunkadelic as he’s also known) and Dizraeli. Actually here’s a few more tunes for you. Grab the whole mixtape here.

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