Who’s That? BoomTown 2014 #6

Boomtown_ChinaTown WEB

Okay so out of the ChinaTown district announcement this week, there will be a few familiar names to BoomTown regulars or Ska and Punk fans this is primarily aimed at. However here’s a few of my favourites from under the radar. Of course a few others were covered in this previous post too.

Original High Five

Last year we had so many fantastic Swedish bands (Hoffmaestro, Ska N Ska, Räfven, Million Stylez) that I felt like we had let the side down this year by not booking any. Thankfully these guys from Stockholm came along, great feel good Ska band.

The Stiff Joints

After hearing their latest album, ‘Circus On Repeat’, we had to get them in. Good solid, 2Tone influenced, jump up Ska, definitely be keeping an eye on these for the future too.

Sonido Vegetal

What we lack in Swedes this year, we make up for in great Spanish bands. Not least of whom are these Ska and Gypsy Punks from Andalusia. They shall be ripping up both Devil Kicks Dancehall on Thursday and the Jolly Dodger on Friday.

The Dreadnoughts

Probably the most well known of this bunch but still yet to play BoomTown, so I’ve included them here. Saw them a few weeks back in Bristol, despite all being Canadian they suited the city so well. They play stomping Folk Punk with a touch of Gypsy, love cider, and even have a tune called Turbo Island (inspired by a previous tour). How could we not invite them to play!

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