Who’s That? BoomTown 2014 #7 (OldTown District)


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Okay so far I’ve already covered Russkaja, WooHoo Revue, La Selva Sur and Sonido Vegetal on previous posts. Plus we have a number of incredible bands who have rocked our stages at least once before, such as Babylon Circus, Gentle Mystics, Gypsy Hill and The Baghdaddies. So as with my other posts, here’s a few acts from the OldTown announcement today, that are both new to us and new to the UK festival circuit in general.

Diving For Sunken Treasure

Not only have these guys got a perfect name for playing on our new Jolly Dodger stage, they were also the most exciting act I discovered at Fusion Festival last year, they put on a helluva show, and will also be rocking The Old Mines stage.

Veeblefetzer & The Manigolds

It’s a toss up between Jimmy Cliff or these guys as to who does my favourite cover of Guns Of Brixton, but seeing as we have them both at BoomTown I’m not going to choose for now. Their version was never officially released though and at first they wouldn’t give me a copy, so had to bring them over from Italy just to bribe them into it 🙂 I have no doubt they are going to put on one helluva show too.

Rupa & the April Fishes

These guys from San Francisco are also playing on our World / Folk stage (The Old Mines) as they draw in influences from everywhere, Folk, Swing, Reggae, Latin, Blues and of course enough Gypsy to warrant a spot on the Jolly Dodger. They’ve also got a version of Guns Of Brixton which you can listen to here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJmHisP23SQ


Another great band whom I discovered at Womex last year. Have a listen to the Amsterdam based crew’s Gypsy-esque take on a Leonard Cohen classic.

And one that might suit the Pirate Takeover a little more, going to introduce you to a couple of those bands over the weekend.

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