Down In The BoomTown Barrio

barrio loco

Shouts to Wonka for some killer BoomTown bookings this year, I literally love everyone on this poster. Me and him programmed Poco Loco (bottom half of this poster) together and I’ll go into that a bit more tomorrow or later in the week but here’s some of my choice cuts of the moment from the rest.

Sam Binga & Redders – Lef Dem

Saw Sam Binga play a wicked set at BoomTown under one of his previous aliases a few years back, I’ve also had him play at my nights a couple of times over the years. He’s one of the most consistent DJ / producers I know, smashing it every time, seems to be criminally underrated by the public at large still though. His last couple of tunes with Redders (who I know from his time in Central Spillz, badman MC) have been serious fire.

My Nu Leng feat. Fox – Masterplan

I had to wait for what felt like ages to finally get my hands on this tune. One of my favourite British Dancehall MCs (though I’ve very rarely actually heard him over any Dancehall) alongside 2 of the most exciting producers of the moment and undoubtedly my favourite act on Black Butter right now. This tune is next level fresh.

Although only My Nu Leng are on this poster, Fox will also be playing at the festival, with Red Eye Hi-Fi.

Kahn & Neek – Lock Off

Not sure if this is even planned to be an official release but Jus Now (who we also have in case you didn’t know, more from them soon) played it on their BBC Radio 1 mix recently. It’s a winner.

Machine Gun Kelly feat. Pusha T & Meek Mill – Peso (Melé Version)

To be totally honest I wasn’t that clued up on Melé until Wonka booked him but been slowly going through his impressive back catalogue. This is fairly new from him, on a Baltimore Trap tip.

DECiBEL feat. Slick Don – Work (Starkey Remix)

Melé will be playing with Slick Don, which gives me the perfect opportunity to post this overly big Starkey remix of Slick’s new Decibel collaboration. Perhaps we can get the other two in future 🙂

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