Going Poco Loco Down In The BoomTown Barrio

Okay so following on from BoomTown’s Barrio Loco announcement the other day, here’s just a handful of reasons why the Poco Loco venue is gonna be badass this year.

Clear Soul Forces

Although trouble at the border has meant their UK shows have been cancelled this week, we’re confident this will all be fixed by BoomTown. Saw them in London a few months back and they absolutely smashed it.

The Mouse Outfit

These boys have pushed their way to the forefront of the scene with killer live shows and one of the best albums of last year. Pleasure to have them back along with Dr Syntax and Sparkz. Sure a few others will be joining them too, know Fox is definitely at the festival though whether he will be jumping up with them or not I can’t say.


After he filmed this video at BoomTown Fair last year, we had to invite him back. Heard the band above have been known to perform ‘Weed & Ale‘ live as well so I’d keep an eye out for what possibilities lie at the festival. We also have Pete Cannon (producer of this track as well as countless other UK Hip-hop bangers) doing a live set so you know that’s gonna have some top class special guests.

Lady Leshurr

Much love for this lady. One of the best in the UK in my opinion and she absolutely tears the mic as this video shows.

Don’t want to overload you all so I’m going to post another 4 tomorrow. See you back here.

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