A Little More Poco Loco

Okay so following on from yesterday’s post, here’s 4 more reasons why the Poco Loco stage at BoomTown is gonna be more than a little crazy this year.

Mystro & Cut La Vis

Although we had Cut La Vis playing last year, we are yet to put on one of the most consistently dope rappers in the UK. Mystro (alongside partner in rhyme Jargon) was the first act from outside Wales that we had play at Higher Learning way back in 2000 (or was it 2001?). He was a great performer then and unlike many of his contemporaries, remains so today. I haven’t seen the 2 of these guys play together but I’m hoping there’s a nice little injection of Reggae in their set cos Mystro rides that vibe so well.

Here’s the Jungle remix of their single by Marcus Visionary, who will be tearing down the Lion’s Den once again this year.


I have to come clean. I love Hip-hop and although there are many great tunes that come out of the UK, I feel we are seriously lacking in decent performers. It’s hard when BoomTown has such a high standard for live acts and you’re programming a stage which is primarily Hip-hop. I mentioned Dizraeli & Downlow the other day, although I think Diz (and I mean this with all the love and respect in the world) lacks the natural presence of someone like Mystro, they really put thought and effort into their performances and they are a pleasure to watch (we have them playing in Poco Loco this year. They played in 2013 but on the smaller Floating Lotus stage). But that effort seems to elude many UK rappers (please feel free to comment with any acts you feel are amazing live).

Although I’m yet to see these boys, I was sold on the fact: that they look like a lot of fun; they have some great tunes; and a reliable source told me they were one of the top 3 live acts in Hull. As we already have the other 2, Counting Coins and I think maybe The Talks was the other one, had to go for the full triple set 🙂

The Allergies

When Gilles Peterson and Craig Charles had a battle at The 6 Music Festival last weekend, the first tune that Craig pulled out was by The Allergies. My homies Moneyshot and Rackabeat are the funkiest boys on the block by far. They rocked The Boombox last year as part of the Riddim Fruit takeover and no doubt they will pull a killer Hip-hop set out the bag for this.

Problem Child

Yep that’s right, we didn’t get it confirmed in time for the poster but the dream team of Dubbledge, Dabbla, Illaman and Sumgii are back in effect. Looking forwards to actually seeing them this time!

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