Swing Further

As I have probably mentioned, we finally succumbed and set up a Big Swing Soundsystem Facebook page. Now we get to go through our amateur phase all over again as we try and climb up above the 1000 ‘like’ mark. Not that this bothers us particularly, but I know for a fact promoters do take notice of such things so we are at the point of both pushing the page and also hiding it from them until we get the numbers up.

However the most frustrating point about having a page is that it doesn’t actually seem to be much use. We love having a place to share the music we find, that’s why we are DJs, we love to play people great music, but we’re not so sure anything we post really makes any difference past a few close friends. We could easily post this stuff to our own pages and give it more exposure.

I’m probably going to go into this a bit further at some point but I don’t want to lose you guys before I get the chance to blog 2 of the recently posted tunes again, because they are overly massive and need to be heard! If you agree, please come and visit us at the page and hopefully we can find you more tunes like them. Make sure you hover over the like button and receive notifications though, or who knows if you’ll see them or not.

First I’ve heard from this lady or the producer, Afrokeys. A friend of mine I was following on Bandcamp bought it the other day. It’s a slammer and could definitely work in our Big Swing sets I reckon!

This one is from the brand new release from Chinese Man records called ‘The Groove Sessions Part III’. It’s from a group called Deluxe, who I can’t wait to catch live as they look like a lot of fun from their tour videos.

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  1. love those horns at the beginning.

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