BoomTown Bangers – June 2014

Just about to head off to play 2 of my favourite festivals – Fusion in Germany and Glastonbury. If you’re at either look for Big Swing Soundsystem or Kaptin Is Dead (or rather Kaptin’s Not Dead as it says in the Glasto programme) and come say hi.

Before I go though, here’s a round up of new releases by some of the acts we have playing at Boomtown Fair this year, as many of them still seem to be overlooked elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Sonido Vegetal‪ – Mr Jones

Spanish Gypsy Punk. I’ve posted them up before but this is their new single and proves why they’re one of the best of their genre, despite being practically unknown over here. Make sure you reach on Thursday of BoomTown and catch them at the Devil Kicks Dancehall stage (although you can catch them on our huge new Jolly Dodger Pirate Ship stage on Friday too).

Problem Child – Energy

I still think these boys are well under represented for the level of tunes they’re dropping. Sumgii is hands down one of the best producers in UK Hip-hop in my opinion and Dubbledge, Dabbla and Illaman on the mic is such a killer combo.

The Recks – Lovers In The Night

I was gutted to miss all their shows at the Isle Of Wight festival last weekend. I’ve been really impressed with their releases so far and love their mix of Radio 6 style rock/indie with Gypsy Swing. It reminds me a little of Fresh Dixie Project and this new single/video is just great. Surprising to think they’re from the tiny island of Sark, I went there as a young lad and can’t imagine they have the biggest music scene (though I’m always open to be corrected). The boys will be down at Crazy Calamities this year and possibly a couple of other secret places.

Cut Capers – Lighter

They filmed this round the corner from my house and at Troyfest, where I’m pretty sure I saw their set. Though that was my final big blow out before I stopped drinking so I wouldn’t swear to anything that weekend. Really fun tune as always from them, they will definitely be a favourite of the festivals for a while to come.

The Drop – Waiting For

Having smashed it in our Hidden Woods and just about every festival they went to last year. The Drop will be taking a place on our massive Lion’s Den stage this year. This is their latest single on the excellent Reggae Roast label, strength to strength.

‪The Sweet Life Society – Prima di ogni prima ‬

The Italian Electro Swing kings are back in The Ballroom again this year with a bigger line up and a brand new deal with Warner Music Italy. This is their first official single on the label.

‪Mungo’s Hi Fi Ft. Solo Banton – Dancehall School‬

I posted one of their new tracks last month and then they dropped this even newer one a couple of days later. If you love digital dancehall and still haven’t got their album then sort it out. This year the boys will be bringing their whole system for an outdoor street party as well as rocking the Lion’s Den once again.

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