Gig At Glastonbury

Watching the ‘highlights’ on TV last night, you’d swear it was a different festival to the one we played. I’ve never seen such an average assemblage of people on TV outside of daytime game shows. However this is partly what Glastonbury is about, there is something for everyone and you make of it what you will. It’s where the everyday folk can get just a little glimpse of something more substantial, and who knows maybe step over the line a little.


It’s certainly changed my life for the better in the 10 years since I first played (I had been a number of times before but that was the turning point) and this year was one of my favourite sets yet, the first with Big Swing Soundsystem down at Heaven in Shangri La. Considering Matt The Hat was with me back in 2004 and most of our exploits stemmed from there in some way, it’s amazing that it took so long to play there together but I’m sure it won’t be the last time. It was also Hypeman Sage’s first Glastonbury and I’m pretty sure he’ll be a regular pilgrim for the future.

Anyway, enough rambling about us. Here’s what I meant to post. A video of Beans On Toast down at the Hell Stage. The electrical storm had stopped most people’s sets so he took the opportunity to have an impromptu one of his own. Coupled with the subject matter, this is one of those great Glasto moments.

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