Return Of The Boom Bap

This weekend I was supposed to play Boom Bap Festival, but for one reason or another it didn’t end up happening (I’m not gonna bitch about it, I know how tough it is putting a festival together). I was a little gutted as it’s a long time since I’ve played a Hip-hop set and I’d decided to steer clear of the classics and concentrate on more recent releases (no older than 2 years max).

Whilst picking out some tunes for it I also got a chance to put some Hip-hop aside for the ride up there.  As this didn’t happen either I’ve picked out a couple from each selection to share with you guys. It was either that or grab an old skool ghetto blaster and wander the streets of Bristol blasting them out instead… I might still do that.

Ironically, even though I decided to stay away from classic 90s Hip-hop. These are all acts I got into at the end of the 90s (except for Busta who came a while earlier).

Dilated Peoples – Good As Gone

This is really a strong come back for these guys. Produced by DJ Premiere for that extra classic sound.

Swollen Members – Brand New Day (Album)

Remember their 1999 album ‘Balance’? It was originally released on Battle Axe Records but then DJ Vadim picked it up for UK Release on his Jazz Fudge label too.   It was a great album and featured the likes of Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Saafir, Dilated Peoples, Everlast, and Son Doobie from Funkdoobiest.  To be honest though I didn’t really follow them much after that but then their latest album ‘Brand New Day’ dropped by my inbox and it’s one of the strongest recent underground Hip-hop albums I’ve heard from anyone of that generation.

Other favourites on there include ‘Blood Sport’, ‘Cock Blocker’ and ‘Jacques Cousteau’.

Busta Rhymes feat. Eminem – Calm Down 

No honestly, this is really good.

Atmosphere – Kanye West 

No I didn’t get it the wrong way round, it’s a track called Kanye West (I’m not entirely sure why) by Slug and Ant aka Atmosphere. I might have posted the track before but it’s worth posting twice and I haven’t seen the video til just now.

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