BoomTown’s Nearly Here!!

Last batch of new videos from BoomTown Fair’s line up this year. See you all in the madness!

YT will be kicking off the Lion’s Den on Sunday (Midday) with Mr Williamz and the Inner Heart Band. Later that day Mungo’s Hi Fi will be doing their thing on the same stage but will also be throwing a massive street party in DownTown on Saturday afternoon. This is the latest single from their album.

Not only is Hypeman Sage my Big Swing brother in arms but he’s also got a killer project with Subculture called Subculture Sage. This is the title track of their spectacular new EP. You can catch them in BoomTown at Poco Loco on Saturday night around 9.15pm (plus Sage will be with Big Swing Soundsystem later that night at the Masquerade Ball in The Ballroom).

I don’t think I’ve posted this one yet but it’s possible I did. Still if you haven’t come across these guys yet you can catch them at both Rusty Spurs (in the new Wild West area) or The Bandstand (in Mayfair) – next Sunday!! Blimey it’s getting close.

Jam Baxter got bars for days and you can catch him alongside his reprobate compadres Dirty Dike and Sammy B-Side at The Bodyshop this year. Also if UK Hip-hop is your vibe make sure you catch Sammy B-Side and Skitz go back to back at Poco Loco on Sunday night with a number of special guests.

Finally some Gypsy goodness with a new album from Vagalatschk, who will be rocking the Jolly Dodger at 3.30pm on Saturday.

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