The Reaping #16

It’s great to finally be able to catch up with some of the music I’ve missed over the past few weeks. Beautiful new albums from Bahamas, Caroline Rose, Ark Life and Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek are doing a great job of keeping the BoomTown blues at bay and getting me ready for Green Man at the weekend, but for the moment here’s a few non-Folky tracks that are really standing out for me today.

clipping – Story 2

I’ve posted tracks from these boys before, they are ridiculously good! Only just found out they’re a band and not just a rapper, need to see them live. If anyone hears of a UK show hit me up!

The Bluebeaters – Toxic

Britney’s track has proven many a time that it lends itself perfectly to a quality cover version, but just in case you missed that memo, here’s a Ska version by an Italian crew who are 2 decades deep in the game.

‪Fofoulah – Make Good (Soumala)‬

First caught these guys in Bristol earlier in the year (or maybe late last year). It’s interesting how the Wolof drumming rhythms remind me of the Electronic producers I’ve often featured on Chrome Kids. It’s a different groove but one that works well for me and these guys have a lot going for them besides. They have an album due out next month on Glitterbeat (same label as Tamikrest and Bombino who I’m sure i’ve posted up before). Their album also features guest appearances from Batch Gueye, Ghostpoet, Iness Mezel and Juldeh Camara.

The 2 Bears feat. Stylo G – Money Man

I love The 2 Bears, their last album was the soundtrack to my summer a couple of years back. This is definitely different for them but it works for me. Plus Stylo G delivers every time, I’m so happy he pulled Sister Nancy back on stage at BoomTown! That was our original plan but I was told it didn’t happen (I later found out it did).

Hilltop Hoods – Cosby Sweater

Saw these fellas perform this track live a few weeks back and loved it then. It’s great when well established acts perform their new material and it’s actually worth listening to! This manages to carry off that classic Hilltop Hoods sound perfectly.

Nocando – Lucid Dream

You can tell he’s hooked up with Dam-Funk for this and the partnership works spectacularly. Deep Electro-Funk vibes.

If you’re at Green Man then you can catch Big Swing Soundsystem at Chai Wallahs tomorrow night (Friday) around 2am.

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