The Reaping #18

Run The Jewels – Oh My Darling Don’t Cry

This tune is too much. El-P and Killer Mike have another Run The Jewels album on the way and I’m just as excited as last time, maybe even more so.

Ninjah – Raw

I often wonder how anyone from outside of Cardiff, where Ninjah is such a recognisable character amongst many more than music fans, relates to his releases. Perhaps his eccentricities are overlooked or confused rather than celebrated as they should be, but either way this is a killer tune and one of my favourites yet.

Damian Marley – Hard Work

New single from the Ghetto Youths International Presents Set Up Shop Vol. 2 compilation due this out. It’s not my favourite Damian Marley track of the past couple of years, but he still ignites everything he touches and this is definitely fire.

Prince EA – Why I Think This World Should End

Only just caught this guy tonight from his excellent 2011 track Backwards Rappers (keep watching to the end) – however in this more recent poetic excursion he absolutely nails it.

Giufà feat. Municipale Balcanica – I Re Della Città

Italian Klezmer-Gypsy-Punk – been a fan of Giufà for a while though their Rumba sound has been held off on this track, perhaps in favour of their guests, who as their name suggests carry far more Balkan flavour.

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