The Reaping #19

They’re coming in thick and fast at the moment. Apologies to German readers but many of these don’t seem to have other audio links.

Dubioza Kolektiv – No Escape (from Balkan)

Some jump up Balkan Gypsy Rock vibes from the Bosnian bad boys’ forthcoming EP ‘Happy Machine’. If you’ve not got a copy already, you can download last year’s ‘Apsurdistan’ album for free from their website. Definitely recommended

Leningrad – Ebubab

Some years before Gogol Bordello there was Leningrad. However, perhaps due to the language barrier, they’ve never quite had the same impact over here in the UK. This is their new single (not available here yet unfortunately) and one of my favourites from them in a while.

Kendrick Lamar – I

One of my favourite rappers with something both fresh and funky. This feels different for him but has his quality seal stamped all over it. A lot of people hate on Kendrick without giving him a proper chance but he’s got to be one of the best there is. No question.

OnlyJoe – Hold Me

Perhaps a little more light hearted than most of their other releases but that’s no bad thing. It’s a wicked tune and should be familiar to anyone who has caught the band live (which I strongly suggest).

Ntan & BlabberMouf with Res One – Hardcore

Amsterdam Meets Bristol as 2 members of Het VerZet join the Split Prophets rapper on this solid head nodder

Chopstick Dubplate – Worldwide Traveller feat Top Cat & Mr Williamz

Think I might have posted this Worldwide Traveler a while back but it’s about o get a proper single release with remixes from Dreadsquad wicked dancehall remix from Mungo’s Hi-fi and an Amen VIP. Plus the (virtual) flipside has Rumble Jumble Life remixes from both Fleck and Stivs & Kelvin 373.

Subculture Sage – 1=1=1

Thoughtful rhymes and phat laid back beats from my boys Subculture & Sage. Loved their set at Bestival this year and their refreshing EP has been on heavy rotation here since it dropped.

Hot Feet – Three Black Crosses

There’s a few young folk bands at the moment who keep giving me hope that the next generation aren’t all beige. Although it’s certainly easy going on the ears, it’s more than a healthy improvement on the same old bland singer songwriter radio friendly fodder that often passes for Folk these days.

The full EP this track is from is released on October 25th.

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